Academia Walkabout in Lameiras (8)

When we entered the place we saw fresh painted walls. I said last time that we didn’t have session in Lameiras because of renovation of the place. And today we saw the result! It’s really nice :) all those new colors inspiring to make kids feel better.
Unfortunately Thursday it was one of those days that I could say: “enough!!”  It was difficult day.

We need to learn a lot…

We need to learn more not to get scared and not to get lost in front of challenge: when you see one pair of eyes looking at you and screaming: “I will do what you said not to do..I will do it silently and I will see how you will work it out!!”…

I think some kids of gypsies used to be all the time frightened…so they used to hate elders because they are superior…for example police, parents, teachers, etc. But when you are not punishing them then they don’t have reasons to hate you… then there is the problem ;-)… they want to make it… they want to hate you… they are trying to do everything to make you punish them so they can hate you for that…

We must find out how to work with it…how to make them feel not to make them feel needed and how to make them understand that we are here not to make rules but just have nice time and learn, learn with each other.

Artiva-te! 2.5

We started our session like always, just from now on we will try to involve our kids to lead warm up exercises.

Our idea is: if one day we aren’t in the session or we are late, they could start session by themselves…
I remember, in my school time when teacher was late we were just hanging out or making noise instead being clever and starting our class. We was just waiting for someone to tells us when to start and how to start.
If we speak about entrepreneurship…no one is standing behind you and looking if you started your day or not. You come to place were you work and you are on your own responsibility.
So let’s teach kids to be independent and make decisions without being told.
And they like it! Even all exercises were made with more energy and bigger excitement when usual.
Topics of day:
To learn more how to play didgeridoo and give the opportunity to “veterans” to teach the new students some didgeridoo techniques. They “stepped on the teacher’s shoes”!
In Lithuania we are celebrating teacher’s day in very nice way. On that day all teachers have free day and besides receiving flowers they don’t need to be in classes. Students from last year are becoming teachers.
I think it’s very important exercise. If each of students of the class will know how sometimes is scary to be in front of the class, how teachers feel insecure…then maybe students will respect more the teacher…
We closed the session with sound of mouth harp.
And it s more news: on 16th of December will be Christmas party and we will have our show time!! We all are very excited!

Tuesday: toys day!


It´s already about one week that I started my new task in The Walkabout family. Since I started it´s not easy to decide which topic from our long day to choose as a main subject of post. I like so many things related to family, travels and work…

Wednesdays and Thursdays is easy because we have Artiva-te and Academia Walkabout in Lameiras, even then sometimes is not easy… but here is no place for a novel. So, I´m trying to be short and share mostly only with basic things of day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tuesday brings TOYS topic.

On the first Markus travel to Lithuania we met my good friends Marija and Linas. They gave Markus a book made from tissue… he loves it!! It’ s one of his best friend and he is taking the book everywhere with him…seeing that I decided to make some tissue books…

First I made butterfly and now I have half of my biggest project BOOK made…but now this BOOK project is on stand by. But still sometimes I make research about toys for kids..

And I would like to share with you my favourites. Mainly they are made by organic materials, education, engaging the use of imagination and creativity.

Here goes my new discoveries:

OPEN TOYS – Love it love it love it!! They have two things that I like: mashinery and vegetable!

On this CREATIVITY BLOG each time I’m finding something new and unseen.

Bath toy from KIDS ACTIVITIES blog will be my next project!

Maybe not this year but one day I will try to do this lovely igloo village form MEEHAMEEHA


Monday: complicated day

Yesterday I said that I will show my husband’s smile….and I didn’t. Even I didn’t post any other thing from our day, but I have important, cute and smiling reason! It´s my son

Yesterday Markus had difficult day, because of growing teeth and running nose he had a bit fever…

So, in those moments everything what he wants is his mom…and of course, in those moments the mom can’t say no for nothing that he asks…

As a result,no blog post, no pictures, no cookies for Rodrigo…thanks Rodrigo‘s mom that we had nice dinner!

No my little one is resting after sleepless night and I found this wonderful Budsies shop! Amazing idea!! One day when Markus will be drawing his unexplainable world I will make his toy also!

St. Cecilia, house cleaning and work…

Hey, today is very special day.

Rodrigo finished pitch bootcamp and tomorrow he will be with us again! Me and Markus are missing him a lot. We want to make him a surprice…so, first I have cleaned up the house, washed old dirty clothes… Markus made order in his toys box. Tomorrow we will make some sesame cookies and something nice for dinner. We are waiting for you father!

Second nice thing of today is St. Cecilia day. She is the patroness of musicians. It’s written that as the musicians played at her wedding she “sang in her heart to the Lord”. That why we went to the church to light a candle.

Visit our blog tomorrow and you will see the picture of Rodrigo’s smile when he will see homemade cookies!

Academia Walkabout in Lameiras (7)

The Walkabout Family loves to work with kids but also sometimes is very nice to have some time for contemplation and time to learn something more about our passions. No, we are  not on holidays…from the last news from Lameiras you could understand that this week we not gonna have session, because of some repairs on the place. And like I said it’s really nice because we need to find solution for some small difficulties in groups.

In Lameiras we have one boy who does not fit in group, speaking more strictly, the group doesn´t accept the boy. Second, we must work out how to prepare for shows for Christmas in both places: Artiva-te and Lameiras.

So, The Walkabout Family is working, all of them have very important tasks:

Rodrigo is “sweating” in Pitch Bootcamp by Spark Agency in Porto, Terese is adjusting schedule of Artiva-te sessions and Markus reading about his new friend Mamule Mu!

A nice weekend for all of you!

Bom fim de semana!

Gero savaitgalio!

Artiva-te! 2.4

People who are following our posts since the beginning probably noticed that project Artiva-te is a collaboration with our partners YUPI – Youth Union of People with Initiative. Last year we had Daniela working with and she was a great help all the time. This year we have Cláudia and she is really trying to find out how it is to be part of crazy family! Unfortunately she couldn’t participate in the last performances of the group because she was in Slovakia for some days. Everyone knows how important it is to relax and “come back to the Earth” after the travel :) so we decided to give her time to adapt to the new space and took the session on our hands. In fact, it was the time to do that. Time is moving fast and we don´t want to stay longer on one topic then needed. So we moved to new step of sessions: pick your opportunity!

We gave to the kids opportunity to choose what they want to be in the show: producer, performer, scenographer, costume or light designer.
So, in the end of warm up activities we created two groups: Rodrigo with Maria O., José, João, Pedro Alexandre and Maria working on production and performing “departments”. Terese and Markus with Adriana, Marcos, Daniel, Ruben, Pedro and Luís – scenography, costume and light design.
We were working in separate groups for half an hour and it was really beautiful and inspiring moment for all participants.
In the end we closed the session with experience of new didgeridoo for the group – the Didjeribone.
To be changed: all kids that started this year must go on stage as performers, because didgeridoo is still the basic topic of our sessions. Kids that already are playing second year can go for new challenges: producing the shows, making scenography, costumes or lights. José and João are our new photographers. Take a look at pictures that they made during the session!

It´s St. Martin’s Day. We’ll eat chestnuts, we’ll taste the wine.

And we were there, and we ate chestnuts,,,What about the wine? The Walkabout Family is not drinking since Markus said that he is coming to our family :) and we will keep promise until our small member stops asking for mom’s milk.

But we had super great time with our Artiva-te kids!! They were amazing! Such a small group, only three of them: “veteran” Diogo – we wish you good luck in the new school!! – awesome Adriana and our new member Luís. I´ll repeat myself – THEY WERE SUPER DUPER !..
In the beginning they presented group and project with simples exercises, after,  Diogo was playing didgeridoo, Adriana with shakers and Luís – clapsticks. They were improvising like experienced musicians. Of course they must learn some nuances, for example, don´t “fall asleep” in the middle of the song and don´t lose the rhythm.
But we are here for them and we will do all our best to make their future performances better!
ASGON (Associação Social de Gondifelos) thank you for invitation, and for such a nice Magustocelebration.


Cerimónia de entrega dos Prémios dos Quadros de Honra


In Escola de Gondifelos, more precise, in the entrance of the school.

Last friday, yep, about friday I should be writing some days ago. But you know, I ‘m beginner. I’m beginner in writing and The Walkabout Family is beginner in Academia Walkabout. So I would like to talk about some mistakes that were made by The Walkabout Family and, of course, about success. First, we are here to give notion of how looks real performance, how is feeling to be part of big mechanism of show, that all ingredients are important. I think this time our kids couldn´t feel equal of rest of participants of ceremony, because it was no exact time or place confirmed. I´m not seeing Tony Carreira or Mazgani coming to place where the concert must be and waiting hours till performance starts…in Lithuania we are saying “time is money”…
No, kids weren´t waiting long long hours, but still it was some misunderstanding…on other hand, kids can´t be late also. They are performers, they must be on time! It´s  not easy, but we must to respect each other´s work and one of The Walkabout Family´s intention is to teach that our youth.

Here goes some pictures from event and see you next time when I will show some details from last sunday party ! yep, it was really busy weekend :)

New week – new blogger!!

From now on, ladies and gentlemen, you will enjoy my english posts with Lithuanian sauce + Portuguese spices! Yes, you understood right, first I´m mom of small human being called Markus and wife of big human being – Rodrigo.  And only then sister, daughter, painter, set/costume designer and from now on text creator of this marvelous place The Walkabout family blog …. while I´ll be managing posts, intend to write about
WORK: news from Artiva-te and Lameiras social community and etc.!!
FAMILY: what motivates us to move and inspires us!!
ARTS: our passions!!
TRAVELS: the happy and the bad days of our projects: work+family!!

famous blogger by Dave Walker
famous blogger by Dave Walker

I promise it will be a lot of stuff to read!!!