Christmas in Lithuania

A lithuanian Christmas by The Walkabout Family.

In Lithuania, Christmas day is driven by the preparation of Kūčios, a twelve dishes dinner that has traditions of both pagan and Christian origin. Here you can read an extensive article about it.

While everyone was busy preparing this dinner, Markus found the piano and was enjoying it’s sound…

Sophie la giraffe
Sophie la giraffe

As any baby, Markus was crazy for his gift Sophie la giraffe. Sophie was created in 1961 and it’s a success case among babies everywhere in the world.

Flights to Lithuania

A small story of a day full of discoveries for a 11 month old baby. From Oporto to Vilnius in 11 hours…

In June we came to Lithuania with Markus and he was only 6 months old so the travel experience was not very interesting from his point of view.  We was curious how this new pair of flights would be now.

Curiosity and exploration were the words for the day. He loves to walk around and explore so each time he could walk we would be making kilometers… Our hand luggage was ready with diapers, some food and all the rest of space was for small favorite toys to help to pass the time, a trick we learned from another traveling family’s blog.

The Walkabout Family's hand luggage.
The Walkabout Family’s hand luggage.

The first flight was very easy: we had the three seats for us and Markus fell asleep as soon as we took flight! When he woke up, he started exploring the surroundings and he found a new passion in the back cover of the inflight magazine: Julia Roberts smiling at him!

Then we had four hours in Frankfurt and we had time to rest and walk around exploring and just before the next flight Markus discovered the pleasure of toasted portuguese Christmas cake Bolo Rei.

The last flight was harder: it was quite hot and our man was tired and without patience, the only trick that worked was to be patient with him and wait that he gets tired to fall asleep, not even Julia Roberts was interesting anymore.

When we arrived we didn’t find any snow but Markus was happy to meet his grandparents!


Now it’s time to tell you about our performance in Centro Social das Lameiras, an institution that has some very nice social services and answers. It was our “closing” performance for the Christmas period… It was the last one this year :)

It was very a cute environment :)… first some Christmas songs and then: most beautiful, cutest and loveliest kids ever :)… they all performed in them way… from small to big. I think old people was enjoying a lot those honest creations :)
After small ones, came time to show off for residents of house! Elders choose very famous portuguese band Xutos e Pontapés and made noisy rock performance!!!I´m sure some of them was thinking “We are still alive and we can rock!” And it’s very beautiful….

After all, came Lameira’s round! Girls showed what they can do best: DANCE! “Cigana” and “Senhora” were dances that girls were performing and those dances were created by them with small help of Bruna, (social worker of Lameiras) from PASEC.
And then it was time for more noise!!! Our didgeridoo players went up on stage.
On my opinion, the performance in Casa das Artes last Saturday went better than this one, but still we are in progress!
Merry Christmas says Lameiras!



Our session transformed into a birthday party :)…

It happened like this… we started, and then… puffff… Nadia is calling everyone to taste her birthday cake!!! Why not? Specially that after this kind of invitation you can’t stop the kids and ask them to work! Any kind of kid would be accepting your suggestions for (class instead party cake) party chocolate cake instead of class  ;)…



We are thankful to “Projecto Homem” for our animated thursday morning! “Projecto Homen” is a non-profit welfare organization that works in the areas of drug and alcohol use and prevention. They invited us to participate in the Christmas holidays activities “Mais Vale Prevenir” (Better to Prevent) and they wanted to work the solidarity and the amusement without drugs with a group of about 12 kids from 10 to 14 years old. Withe the group there were 4 volunteers from YUPI, partner of Artiva-te.

I wasn’t participating in the beginning of a session but when I joined them I was inspired by an energy that those guys had all the morning and I believe all the rest of the day!

It was a colorful session: started with warm up exercises, short introduction to the world instruments, some didgeridoo stories and exercises around the drone, and when everyone was already warmed up, we started to create orchestra.

It’s always a challenge to work the listening, the silence, each person’s space in the group and concentration but in the end we finished with a cute short performance and feedback from the session!

Have a nice holidays activities guys!!! And thank you “Projecto Homen” for creating these spaces and moments with teenagers.

ARTIVA-TE!! Christmas :)

Artiva-te had Christmas performance in the library of school!!!

The event started with tea and very delicious cookies made by the students of cook vocational course 😉 and it was really nice “welcome” after a fresh afternoon!!! Very nice idea to start :)

The evening was dedicated to close the year and celebrate Christmas and was organized by some of the extra curricular groups from the school.

So, it was Artiva-te, dance and theatre groups and some others.

Our performance was PERFECT !! Ask Rodrigo!!! I’m sure he would say the same!!!

As I said space in library is round and have second floor, so, kids started the presentation appearing on the balcony and the sound down stairs was spectacular! Everyone was amazed and couldn’t understand which kind of sound they were listening! Second song was performed downstairs, then the audience saw the instruments, plastic tubes!! :)… They were surprised how the kids could such an interesting sound with just a simple tube :)

Thank you Artiva-te!!!

Something to reflect on: what to say to the kids that didn’t appear on the last 3 performances? Of course we all have our lives and no one is forced to come to all the concerts but the group works better when we all participate and this is one of the lessons we get from this work, so how to improve that sense of responsibility?

ARTIVA-TE! Performance in a hut of Santa Claus.

Saturday, second round!

After Christmas shop where we had short performance, Artiva-te went to a hut that was installed to gather food and clothes for families with needs.

The hut was quite calm and cold place for performance but Artiva-te kids did the best what they could on the moment! We had Santa Claus sharing the stage with us and microphones for sound projection as it was on the open air, a lot of new experience :)

Enjoy the images from the performance and thank you ASGON for the ride, without ASGON Artiva-te wouldn’t be able to experience so many things at one day!

ARTIVA-TE! Performance in Christmas shop.

Saturday, Artiva-te had a performance in a handicraft shop that opened only for Christmas period. It’s cozy and nice place, full of hand-made cookies, wooden Christmas trees, eco-friendly toys for kids and not only, home decor and etc.

Artiva-te was invited to perform this weekend and untill Christmas this homely place will host more activities for all kinds of ages and needs.

So, we had short performance with didgeridoos and plastic cups (this part of show was created in FATT and they like to do it because they created it and it makes them feel directors of show). In the end of the show, we met Mariana, a saxophone palyer that wanted to try to play didgeridoo so we did a crash course for her!!!

We felt that on the next session we need to speak about responsibility, because on Saturday’s performance we had 5 performers: Alex, Maria, Rúben, José and Maria. Rest of crew didn’t appeared, even if they said that they would.

If you belong to group, if you can a task, if you have a responsibility in front of group, you must keep it or inform in advance.

Maybe we didn’t define the tasks or we wasn’t clearly speaking about responsibility in the group?