Markus found a new passion: Julia Roberts.

Flights to Lithuania

A small story of a day full of discoveries for a 11 month old baby. From Oporto to Vilnius in 11 hours…

In June we came to Lithuania with Markus and he was only 6 months old so the travel experience was not very interesting from his point of view.  We was curious how this new pair of flights would be now.

Curiosity and exploration were the words for the day. He loves to walk around and explore so each time he could walk we would be making kilometers… Our hand luggage was ready with diapers, some food and all the rest of space was for small favorite toys to help to pass the time, a trick we learned from another traveling family’s blog.

The Walkabout Family's hand luggage.
The Walkabout Family’s hand luggage.

The first flight was very easy: we had the three seats for us and Markus fell asleep as soon as we took flight! When he woke up, he started exploring the surroundings and he found a new passion in the back cover of the inflight magazine: Julia Roberts smiling at him!

Then we had four hours in Frankfurt and we had time to rest and walk around exploring and just before the next flight Markus discovered the pleasure of toasted portuguese Christmas cake Bolo Rei.

The last flight was harder: it was quite hot and our man was tired and without patience, the only trick that worked was to be patient with him and wait that he gets tired to fall asleep, not even Julia Roberts was interesting anymore.

When we arrived we didn’t find any snow but Markus was happy to meet his grandparents!

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