Performance in Braga!

Saturday was big day…

In the afternoon we had Lessons from the Didgeridoo in Casa de Juventude and in the night presentation in Braga.

We were invited by Junta de Núcleo de V.N. de Famalicão do Corpo Nacional de Escutas to inspire youth for active citizenship and to share our experience how it is work in and with family…

Because of  afternoon’s workshop, we decided that Markus needed to rest and stay at home…so, we sent Rodrigo alone to represent our family… sometimes it happens when you work with family…

But even without our physical presence, Rodrigo did nice presentation. After main talk of Miguel Gonçalves from Spark Agency, the scouts were divided in smaller groups, in each of them they had a session with the mentors from projects like: Transformers, Associação Salta Fronteiras, Pista Mágica and others.

After Rodrigo was invited for a concert on the night after to make concert and speak more about instrument!

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