Last session of the month gave us fresh ideas about Academia Walkabout and Artiva-te!

After middle-term evaluation session we found out that kids want more concerts and “fun” in the sessions ;)… how typical :)

So, let’s give them what they want !!

Let’s work together for our ideas!  We are here to support you and to show how to do it.

First we divided kids in two groups: one (Alex, Alexandre and Ruben) went with Rodrigo and Terese to speak more about the concerts and others went with YUPI members to find out how to improve sessions to have more “fun”.

In our group we spoke about performances that we already did: which kind of message we wanted to say with our performances, in which kinds of places we performed… what it s the meaning to have concerts after all?

And we came up to conclusion that mostly Artiva-te is performing in schools or social work oriented places. In the school we show to families, friends and school community what we are doing in Artiva-te… we share our work, passion and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

In social places we sharing also and trying to create value and a moment of pleasure for people who are assisting.

After all, we came to conclusion that we could make some more concerts in places like elders houses or social neighborhood. Special that some neighborhood have music projects like TUKBATUK with which we could share experiences and trade experiences and knowledge.

And also we could go to Didaxis where our old member Diogo is studying and make nice moment to him and inspire more students to be actively working on their dreams!

So now we will check the number of sessions that we will still have with Artiva-te kids and then we will start work with them to get some ideas true!

Jornal Veris speaks about Australia and the Didgeridoo in Portugal

The Walkabout Family and the Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo spoke to Jornal Veris in an edition about Australia.

Jornal Veris dedicates this edition to Australia.
Jornal Veris dedicates this edition to Australia.


Jornal Veris is a local newspaper from Porto that is strongly motivated by a intercultural approach. In this edition dedicated to Australia they spoke with The Walkabout Family and the Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo to know more about the instrument and the work around it in Portugal.

If you can read portuguese, you can click on the following image to check the article!

Jornal Veris, The article about The Walkabout Family and Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo
Jornal Veris, The article about The Walkabout Family and Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo

TUESDAY: toys day!

Let´s improve our drawing skills :)

There was so many things happening since I post the first article about Markus’s homemade toys that I didn’t have time to write to “toys section” :)…

And there is a lot of posts lined up to be posted!

But today I wanted to share about our first drawing/writing experiences.

I used my old paper that I normally using for my sketches (in Portugal we call it papel de cenário). It is cheap paper that you can buy in groceries that sell papers and other stuff for artists or offices. Also you can easily find that kind of paper in construction materials store because builders use that paper to cover/protect floors or other stuff not to get dirty while they are working with tools that makes dust or painting that can drop. Of course paper from building materials store will be much thicker then that one that you can find on the shops for artists but it is not big deal…

So, when you have paper just grab any kind of tape (I was using double-sided adhesive tape), scissors and find nice wall that gonna be dedicated for artist!

I chose wall on the corridor because here we have more space for big paper sheet and I pick new oil pastel that I bought in the last travel to Porto. It is big and easy to grab with small hands and strong color to be attractive for kids.

And here he goes!

Also, I would like to share some articles that I was enjoying to read about doodles and first drawing and writing exercises.

To whom wants to follow some drawing “rules”  can inspire themselfs in Artfulparent.

Some theories why we should motive our kids to draw: Babycenter Zerothree and Tandfonline.

Basically what they all say is: JUST GIVE THEM MATERIALS AND LET THEM ENJOY AND DISCOVER! And that drawing supports writing development.

Next week I will write about our new discover called “hand fireworks” !!!


This time we had visitors! Two students from sociocultural studies came to see our session with kids from Lameiras!

Like always we had a warm up and learned the names of our guests!  And started to prepare new show! You never know when you have an invitation for concert so it is better to be ready :)

This week is quite sad… news about Artiva-te project… and in here we had quite difficult relationship with one of our kids. After last week’s session he didn’t wanted to come and see us… let’s see what next week brings to us. Shame but if next time he is not coming we will take it he doesn’t want any more to be member of the group. Each group has a rules and if you don’t want to follow them or at least try to adapt or look for solutions to fix problems, then maybe you need time to work out your self… it is shame but we are not losing the trust and waiting for him to come back!


Last session we had nice visitors from countries like Peru, Uruguay, Germany… They were invited  by YUPI to see our work with kids!!!

And it was very nice to see how kids was inviting them to participate in the warm up exercises… it happened without verbal communication (some kids understand English or Spanish but it is much more difficult to express their own). So, one more time was proved that arts don’t have borders.

After kids shared their experiences in Artiva-te project and received nice feedbacks from visitor. One of my favorite  was: “if you enjoy what you play, audience will enjoy also”.

In the question “Did you ever thought to quit the group?” kids answered that on the certain moment all of them felt weak in the project… but in those moments Rodrigo’s sentence “you are not allowed to say I can’t” pushed them to overtake the challenges!

We had pleasure to receive T-shirt from Martin. This nice guy from Germany has a project called Band Academy in which kids are couched how to create and managed a band.

Also we had nice moment when the leader from Peru said how important these activities that we are doing in Artiva-te will be important in their future in terms of group work.

After our guests went out, Artiva-te received sad news… sad for all of us… special for those that gave hard work and time to start this project…

Artiva-te continues till the end of March and after we will separate… no summer festivals, no main show in the end of year… sad but not bad because we will be available for new challenges and experiences!


Some thoughts on our 3 moments of work while in Lithuania for Christmas.

When we decided to go spend Christmas in Lithuania we knew we would enjoy our experiences in that period. But we could never have guessed it would be so amazing times!


A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!
A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!

The Center for Attachement Parenting is a place to reflect about closer parenting and they organize activities for families. They was interested in hosting a Didgeridoo Making Workshop for families. In that rainy day we had only one family and one music teacher so we all agreed in making a softer workshop, so I was sharing how to make didgeridoos from toilet paper rolls as well as some basics on didgeridoo playing. The kids (Markus and D.) was having fun around us. It was a soft and nice morning in a place worth to know!


One moment from the concert.
One moment from the concert.

The very first institution that booked something with us this time. This school in Siauliai is an example of a different approach to education. There were 150 students in the room with high levels of interest and participation all through the presentation. In the end we had a meeting as we are planing something for the future, but about that we will speak again in some months…


More images @
More images @

Rodrigo was sharing a talk about his bullying experience and how he went over it at TEDxKids@Vilnius. In this fantastic event we was all sharing ideas about the education of the future and it was extremely exciting and motivating. After the tragic disappearing of Tomas Dobrovolskis, The Walkabout Family offered to guarantee that the kids participating in the event wouldn’t loose the music workshop. The workshop happened in the end of the day and everyone was quite tired: kids, volunteers, Rodrigo, organization. In the performance the kids was just amazing!

More images @
More images @

It is always a pleasure to work with the didgeridoo in Lithuania! We look forward for next visit. Labai aciu!

UPDATE: The videos from TEDxKids@Vilnius are already available!


Sometimes our kids just squeeze us out.

And last session in Lameiras was that case, I came home completely smashed… but after this kind of sessions we get more energy to get

better and invest more in our work, specially how to work out difficult moments when kids does not listen you at all and do everything opposite then you say…

One of the kids from this group has some problems at home so sometimes he uses these sessions for his catharsis and creates some moments of tension with the other kids and with us. In this session he had a moment that he had to leave to spend some energy outside. After that the group managed to improve his didgeridoo playing and the started to create a new song.

1, 2, 3, 4, Go!
1, 2, 3, 4, Go!
If someone knows any solutions please be nice and share with us! We will certainly try them :-)


After Christmas, New Year and Markus anniversary in Lithuania we landed in rainy Portugal winter! And next day after flights we had Academia Walkabout in Gondifelos.

We started like always: warm up exercises and we are very proud of our kids that they are starting sessions and integrating exercises without asking. They are talking less and concentrate in finishing exercises and getting ready for the tasks of the session.

Because it was somehow middle of the school year we made middle term evaluation. We showed pictures from the 5 performances that they made until now and refreshed their memory and asked them to rate each show from the point of view of audience: attitude of musicians, placement on space and costumes.

Second part of session belonged to our partners Yupi. Claudia made some questions about what they did on the 7 sessions that we had and then they was invited to answer a questionnaire.

In the end we had discussion about difficulties on the sessions and how to resolve them.  We hope that kids left session more inspired for next half of school year!