begining the session


Last session of the month gave us fresh ideas about Academia Walkabout and Artiva-te!

After middle-term evaluation session we found out that kids want more concerts and “fun” in the sessions ;)… how typical :)

So, let’s give them what they want !!

Let’s work together for our ideas!  We are here to support you and to show how to do it.

First we divided kids in two groups: one (Alex, Alexandre and Ruben) went with Rodrigo and Terese to speak more about the concerts and others went with YUPI members to find out how to improve sessions to have more “fun”.

In our group we spoke about performances that we already did: which kind of message we wanted to say with our performances, in which kinds of places we performed… what it s the meaning to have concerts after all?

And we came up to conclusion that mostly Artiva-te is performing in schools or social work oriented places. In the school we show to families, friends and school community what we are doing in Artiva-te… we share our work, passion and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

In social places we sharing also and trying to create value and a moment of pleasure for people who are assisting.

After all, we came to conclusion that we could make some more concerts in places like elders houses or social neighborhood. Special that some neighborhood have music projects like TUKBATUK with which we could share experiences and trade experiences and knowledge.

And also we could go to Didaxis where our old member Diogo is studying and make nice moment to him and inspire more students to be actively working on their dreams!

So now we will check the number of sessions that we will still have with Artiva-te kids and then we will start work with them to get some ideas true!

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