This week we didn’t have session because it was Carnival holiday. But the session before that one was one of the best we had so far!!!

Start didn’t promise nothing special: kids were late and totally out of focus…

But after short meeting about last sessions and future plans we went for warm up exercises and had nice surprise: our “old” student from last year group came to visit as and say hello to the friends of Artiva-te. It  was really nice gesture, thank you, Diogo!

Then we had 40min untill the end so started team work and leadership exercises based on music. It was some of the most productive and intensive moments in our sessions.

Misá Kouassi

Meet Misá… Our host and partner in our visit to Cabo Verde!Misá Kouassi

Misá is a painter, sculptress and poetess from Cabo Verde that strives for a cultural bridge between Africa and Europe.

She has been using art to work on the uplift of impoverished and neglected community in Cape Verde called the Rebelados.  Through her work and influence the community started art-based businesses and other community improvement projects. Misá is also working at the village Porto Madeira where the aim is to create a more sustainable and developed village through the organization of artistic residencies.

Community work with Misá
Community work with Misá

This worldwide prized artist was a partner with us from the first email we sent to her. The idea of bringing the didgeridoo to the communities of Rebelados and Porto Madeira for concerts and community workshops was very well received and we believe we couldn’t have found a better connection in Cabo Verde for our work.

Thank you for your enthusiasm Misá!

TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde is supported by Fundação GDA

GDA preto

Lithuanian Act of Independence

On February 16th, 1918, Lithuania proclaimed it’s restoration as an independent state. It was the Act of February 16!

Council of Lithuania - Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus (National Museum of Lithuania)
Council of Lithuania – Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus (National Museum of Lithuania)

This has been a very important date for Lithuania and The Walkabout Family had to join the celebration.

Cultural Dialogue is a part of our work, we aim at bringing cultures together through art and culture and a moment like this one is a mark on the history of a country that is worth to know.

Bye, bye, dear BUG!!!

Sunday was the day that we said goodbye to our friend BUG…

We had that car not more then one year and a half but we had some really nice and hard moments with it 😉

We learnt how to pack father’s, mother’s and kid’s stuff, stroller, didgeridoos and other instruments in that small trunk, we could fit all (2 adults + kid + car chair) on back seats and change diapers of Markus! And do it in hot weather and in cold season :)… We could go from front seats to back seats without going out from car! We learnt how to protect Markus from sun!!!

And much more things that wasn’t told because it’s to intimate for internet 😉

Thanks/obrigado/aciu BUG that you was with us all this time!!!


In this session we was using Boomwhackers, incorporating gipsy clapping in a song and working in our next concert…

Trying a basic clapping rythm
Trying a basic clapping rythm

In this session I wanted the kids to try some more musical exercises and to take a new role and teach me some gipsy clapping that we could eventually integrate in the show.

The musical exercises was made with Boomwhackers and it was a great moment. All the three had the opportunity to play and to conduct the group. I love to see their faces when they have the chance to control the sound of the group. One of the girls has a particularly interesting sense of rythm, these moments are perfect to reveal these skills.

Then we moved to the gipsy clapping. Some time ago I was on another urbanization here in Famalicão and I jammed a little bit with César, he was mostly singing but also clapping. It’s almost impossible no to enjoy, specially with the didgeridoo. So I asked this group if they could share with me some clapping rythms. Our “beat” girl jumped in immediately.

We was working on integrating this pattern with the didgeridoo but concentration was not on the highest levels so we was just trying some ideas.

In the end of the session, that kid that was missing came for a visit. I asked if he was still with us and he said yes. Let’s see if he comes back in the future!

TUESDAY: toys day!

Home made fireworks!!!

Last time I shared about Markus first drawings/writings, today I want to tell you the  secret of how we convince him to wash his nose :)

Winter in Portugal is quite cold period, specially because most houses don’t have central heating. So we heat our home with gas and oil heaters but still our noses are sometimes a bit running because of cold.

This time Markus nose was so stuck that we needed to wash it with physiological saline.  It’s not his favorite activity and I guess that no kids like it!!!

So we did home-made fireworks to convince him to lay and make him happy after procedure.

It’s a very simple toy!
1.You just need tube of kitchen paper or any kind of tube that you can find at home! (We are really lucky that our father collects rolls for his workshops, so we have big collection and can use it when we want ).

2. A bit of toilet paper or any kind of paper that is easy to rip and light enough to fly.

3. Put strips of paper on one side and blow through another side of tube!..

And now you have paper flying everywhere and happy kid!!

Enjoy and see you next time when I will show the book of numbers that I started for Markus!

TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde

An old dream came true! We are going to visit Cabo Verde and work with the didgeridoo from April 23rd to May 4th.

This has been an old dream by Terese and Rodrigo and it was made possible thanks to the partnership with Misá Kouassi, a plastic artist from Cabo Verde and the support of GDA – Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas, Intérpretes ou Executantes.GDA preto

GDA opened their call for papers for a program that supports touring expenses and immediately we thought about Cabo Verde as a possibility for a project. We’ve been wanting to visit Cabo Verde for a long time but never had a match with a partner on site. Following some suggestions from some friends we established contact with Misá and the so wanted match happened!

Misá KouassiMisá is a plastic artist and cultural activist from Cabo Verde that has been working to empower through art the communities of Porto Madeira and Rabelados. As soon as we proposed our ideas for Cabo Verde she joined the project wholeheartedly.

The project TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde will be coordinated by the association ABI-DJAN Associação para Benificiência Intercultural – Dinamismo dos Jovens Artistas pelas Nações.

We are going to spend 14 days in Santiago and present TAKAS, the concert, followed by a community workshop around the didgeridoo and the creation of a performance that these communities can promote and sell in the future.

Porto MadeiraWe just got our tickets and we are starting to promote the project so everything is very new for all of us. We are looking for other partners to join this adventure  and we will be updating the blog with more news and details.



I would like to share my experience about how we “transport” our Markus.

First. Before Markus was born we received two kinds of carriers. We also received a stroller from a friend of Rodrigo, it was exactly like I wanted: 2in1 that you can use up part like portable baby car seat and after add the wheels and it had another up part for older kid that could be attached to the same wheels! Even the colours was beautiful: strong blue and brown… but I was mom without experience with strollers  :)… it was soooo difficult to manoeuvred it and climb sidewalks…

I will tell you one of my experiences… On a visit to my gynecologist, I went with my husband on the car but because of work he could not stay with me and bring me home. I had the stroller with wheels with me so that after doctor I could go home easily. But not!!!


I finished my consultation with the doctor and went home… it was not so far, about 2km. 2 km of problems like no crosswalks, small or no sidewalks at all, and cobblestone roads... Markus was crying all the time so I couldn’t do it anymore and took him on my arms: on one I had my baby and with the other I was pushing the stroller… hot day, bad road… I was so tired…

I don’t know, maybe because I was not enjoying stroller and Markus was feeling it, but he was also not happy in it…

Markus is helping me in the kitchen
Markus is helping me in the kitchen

So… after my experiences, after some more trying to learn how to use the stroller without any success I decided to look for alternatives.

We had 3 kinds of carriers at home.

First one I tried and didn’t like so we gave it to a friend.

Markus is resting in sling
Markus is resting in sling

With a second carrier that I bought from second-hand shop in Lithuania I was very happy! We was going out even when it was raining: Markus was cosy tied next to me… we were traveling by train, going for trips to Spain and spending our days outside: it was very easy to use this kind of carrier! When I was walking with it, Markus was facing frontwards (it was his favorite position), but you can use it in a side position and backwards.

But when Markus was 3 months old he started to be heavier and the adjustment metal ring started to hurt my shoulders, more precisely my bony shoulders :) so maybe for people who have more “protection” under the skin they can use this kid of carrier without uncomfortable feeling :)

how to use sling in winter time :)
how to use sling in winter time :)

I started to look again for something different and then I remembered that at home I still had one tissue that I never tried because it looked strange :)… it was long tissue. .. I couldn’t understand how to use it but I was so tired of pain on my shoulders that I decided to try. I found videos on YouTube how to use it and after 2 min of practicing I was ready to go out with my kid!

And it was a miracle!!!! I found out that this is one of the best things that we have for our baby! Markus was feeling very comfortable (before I couldn’t get him calm facing backwards) and sometimes that tissue was the  only solution to calm him down and make him go to sleep!!!
I’m advising everyone to try it! Even my husband was complaining that is very difficult to put it but that it was working to calm kid he didn’t have doubts :)

long tissue that looked difficult to use but was one of the best thing ever!
long tissue that looked difficult to use but was one of the best thing ever!

When Markus was 6 months old he started to move a lot and I didn’t feel comfortable any more. I needed something stronger and that I can trust to use on long trips with my growing kid.

After long research (in Portugal carriers are not so popular so it is difficult to find what I wanted in shops) I found this Spanish online shop that sends to Portugal for free and, as we experienced, very fast :). It’s called Mochilas Portabebés.

Ventus ErgoBaby + Markus in the summer  ;)
Ventus ErgoBaby + Markus in the summer ;)

And now we are happy with our Ventus Ergobaby carrier that they suggested to buy! We needed something that would be easy to put and remove, that would be comfortable in the sitting position, had a fresh tissue (our kid has very “nice” skill: he sweats a lot… so freshness is very important for us… special that we live in hot weather country) and finally would give us the possibility to carry Markus till he is 3 year old!

Ventus ErgoBaby + Markus
Ventus ErgoBaby + Markus

So this is our experience that maybe can be useful for someone who is looking for a carrier for their kid.

Some info about why is nice to carry our baby in the carrier can be found in Hipdysplasia, Mamasphere, Wellnessmama and Babycenter.

And new shop in Portugal that I found not so long time ago and they have some nice stuff!!! I realy like Leva-me contigo shop.


Preparations for FATT Indoor’s concert start! That’s right, Lameiras will be performing at this event in March.

Some adjustments are going on the group… The kid that was missing the last session didn’t appear in this session neither and we have another participant that is moving out of the neighborhood so has stopped coming. We are now working with three kids but the work keeps going and all groups experience times like these.

We was rehearsing the new song and the kids asked if they could show it to their friends, which shows that they are proud of their creations and this was one of our objectives in this work.

One of the kids proposed a funny movement with the didgeridoo, a little bit like an old school clown with an umbrella, right in the end of the song. It was so cute that I asked him to keep it for the presentation and he became shy on doing it on stage and said he wouldn’t do it again. I asked if he could do it on the rehearsal just one more time and after he wouldn’t do it more. We agreed but when we invited the friends to come and watch he did it again because he started understanding it really works. This is one of our principles: we don’t force nothing, we just encourage them to work on their own proposals.

This week we will try to speak with the boy that’s been missing to see why he is not coming and if he wants to come back!