Lameiras 16


In the last session we had great things happening. Here is a celebration to returns and group ownership!

Markus changed his routines so in the last weeks he tends to sleep in the moment we have our session in Lameiras. The kids sometimes ask for him and Terese, if everything is ok with them. As I was arriving to the session all the kids ran into the room and forbid me to enter so they could prepare a surprise for me…

As I entered the room they started the show we prepared in December. The main leader for all this was that kid that was out of the sessions for some weeks. We tried to go on with the show but some thing didn’t work out as smooth as we wished (they arrived to the part where I should lead with clapsticks and didgeridoo and I had not yet unpacked them). I thanked them for organizing this surprise and  their initiative and we went for warm up. Another return was from one of the girls that had been out for some weeks and it felt very good to have the full group again together.

They couldn’t wait to show me our picture from Christmas performance in a local magazine!

The group in the news!
The group in the news!

The group was in a very nice mood already. They all participated in the warm up and then we went for the session. I wanted to work on the show and on new possibilities and sounds but our sessions are becoming very interesting so a lot of other kids keep sneaking at the windows and this is quite disturbing for the group. We spent some time speaking about why the others want to see the session and if it’s more important for the to participate or to be covering the windows.

We had the opportunity to do some leadership exercises and almost all the kids tried to direct the others buy placing themselves in front of the group and proposing rhythms or sounds for the others to imitate. It’s not always easy for them but I it’s important that they practice while at the same time they feel the difficulty of leading.

In the end, while we was distributing the tape for their didgeridoos, some kids just took the clapsticks and a boomwhacker and started playing in group while playing percussion. Slowly we are feeling that some results we wanted are coming to happen: the kids come regularly to the sessions, they understand that they must be on time, they experiment more, they follow instructions and rules and above all participate in the sessions.

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