Rodrigo in Argentina

So I went to Argentina! The Leadership course organizes some international placements for their students and this year both year 1, year 2 and some other Guildhall students had the opportunity to go to La Plata for two weeks. The activity was hosted by Colectivo La Sonora and had four main aspects: Candombe Percussion, Tango, community work and folkore music and dance.

Together with other 7 students we spent an amazing fortnight with two weeks full of music, strong emotions, intensive experiences, “multi-culti” moments, shared learning, and loads of music making that culminated in a concert in La Plata in the last night.

A word of thank you to everyone who made this experience possible:

  • the staff of the Leadership course
  • Teresa Campos, our group coordinator
  • the people that worked with us
    • Lissandro Baum, folklore
    • Miky de Pozo, traditional percussion
    • Sergio Balderrabano, a great musicologist and Piazzolla connoisseur
    • Mariano, our chacarera teacher
    • La Minga, cuerda de candombe from La Plata
    • Romina, our candombe dance teacher
    • Our tango dance teachers
    • And so many other amazing people we had the chance to meet
    • Bruno Cabadas, amazing bandoneon player that shared the stage with us on the Concierto para Quinteto by Piazzolla
  • Finally the guys from La Sonora that did everything to organize such a wonderful experience for us:
    • Alejandro Rodriguez, the head behind all this
    • Cynthia Aguirre, the incredible tango singer
    • Diego Amerise, the double bass man with a huge heart
    • Juan Pablo Castrillo, our Candombe master
    • Nahuén Ercoli, such a generous musician
    • Rocío Bergé, the photographer that was always so supportive (the next galery is with photos by her)
    • Horacio Pas, the amazing producer
  • And Jose, our driver!

To everyone, again, THANK YOU. This post is more to share some images and the overall feeling than going in detail about these two weeks.