I hope everyone started the new year with new challenges as we did 😉

First. Rodrigo started his second term at Guildhall had super duper busy week: two days working with one of his tutors and with the electronic music and jazz departments, and the rest of days working intensively with Sam Mumford on the reflection around the Artistic Practice.

Second. We had a super nice visit from Vilnius. My sister and brother came to visit us in London and spend londonish weekend with us.

Third. Markus is now 2 years old 😉 and basically this post should be about it because he is growing and we have new challenges to deal with. And lately he is challenging us and testing our patience ;). So I would like to share some things that help me when I have hard moments with him:

1. Screaming doesn’t helps – if I will scream, the kid will scream also. He will imitate you because he learns from you.

2. Speak clearly and try to explain the situation by playing – for example Markus doesn’t want to stay with his childminder. Before we go I play with him this game with his animals: the giraffe is childminder, the horse is Markus, the rooster is me. We play with those animals how horse comes with rooster to the giraffe’s house. Rooster goes to work and horse stays with giraffe. And it works!!! After 30 min of playing, Markus packs his things to go to childminder.

3. Give time for your kid to understand the situation. I prefer to explain 10000 times the same sentence then scream on him once.  Also I learnt to go out earlier from house so I will get on time in case something interesting appears on the road 😉

4. Use “no” as little as possible and if it’s impossible to avoid it then explain why, again as many times as needed.

I think it’s enough topics. .. it s only 4 but sometimes it can be really hard to use them during the day… at least for me 😉

And my new challenge is coming….


Do you have advice?? I will make my research. ..

2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS!!!”

  1. My advice is to talk to him a lot and ask questions. My mom used to do this with me and later on I got the habit of talking to her when I was upset with something I couldn’t quite deal with/understand.
    The thing is that if you ask questions, next time I’m encountered with the same feeling chances are I’m going to ask those questions myself and get to an answer more quickly.
    It can be challenging specially since he’s so young but experience will make him emotionally more understanding of himself and others.

    Playing by example helps a great deal too :) it’s helpful for everyone to see a toy and put yourself in its shoes rather than just imagining to be in someone’s position.

    Well, this is my advice. Hope it gives you something to think about and hope that it helps even if just a little bit :)

    Cheers from Portugal!


    1. We are totally with you Mariana. Questions are a really important aspect of our days, since he is born. I remember seeing some people making strange faces when we would ask something to a 3 month baby but the fact is that we believe this has been paying off.

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