HELLO 2016!!

Today I’m saying hello to a new white paper sheet… 2016.

But first!!! What did we do on 2015??

Christmas in Vilnius, TEDxKids@Vilnius, summer camps, Artiva-te, London, Guildhall, these are just small crumbles and if you want to see in some more detail picture then watch Rodrigo´s video!

Are we happy with results?

Yes, we are. Each year appears something super big in our life like in 2013 our big project “to live together”, in 2014 project “baby”. On 2015 we moved to London and of course it is not such a big project as last two but also requires a lot of effort and energy. And we are really proud of ourselves that we are carrying London’s project quite well.

What do we want from 2016?

We want to find out a project that has been growing in our heads from some time but it is still the size of a seed so we don´t speak about it loud!

What is your project for the next year???

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