24th of JULY!

The week of the 24th of July was a very important one for us:

1 year of our life in London

First year of Rodrigo’s studies completed

To celebrate we had pasta+feta – never going out of fashion – dinner and talk about our life here in London.

We had hard and really difficult moments and at times we were scared and felt unsafe as a family and as individuals. It wasn’t an easy year but we learnt a lot from it. Specially that we are stronger than we thought. And with each month it’s becoming easier to go through all the challenges, old and new.

So. If you have a child, 2 or more… if you/your partner are planing to study… if everyone says “you won’t make it, it’s London, it’s too expensive”. Then I would tell you: yes, it is definitely hard and sometimes you will want to bang the door and go away but if you really want and if you know why you are doing it, then go for it.

This year brought us more questions about our life in the future and about its incredible impact for Markus development. After 1 year we can state that we are settling down and we just need to move on. Maybe next year will be easier :)