Hello from the Netherlands

It’s already 4 months that we are here, in the Netherlands.

Only now we are saying hello because we had loads of things to do.

So now we do know that if you move to the Netherlands you need:

Rent/buy a property (you need to figure out your own floor because most apartments to rent DO NOT HAVE A FLOOR :)

Get the citizen service number (BSN)

Get a job!!

Insurance and general practitioner.

And in our case school and babysitter

In order to accomplish this list we use a lot of information from expats and expatica and I definitely suggest to check it out if you are planing to move to the Netherlands!!

After all that hard work when almost all is set up for Terese to start her course in ArtEZ we can send a big Hello to all our friends and family!!

We are here for not such a long period but we already love this “biky” country :) and on the next post we will speak more about Dutch specialities !!!

P.s. best cakes is in Hemels and best coffee is Peeze!!!

To be continued…