About Us

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We met in the small industrial portuguese city Vila Nova de Famalicão, during Terese’s EVS (European Voluntary Service) year. In the beginning we traveled together to different places around Portugal and quickly understood that we want to spend our adventure of life together – so when Terese finished her project, she stayed in Portugal and we started our life project.

In our day-to-day life we use portuguese, lithuanian and english languages!

We always traveled, with our families, with friends, alone and as a couple. Now that we’re having a kid we are not going to stop to move. First because we believe that a baby is not a reason to stop and close yourself at home and that with kids it’s still possible to make your dreams come true and fulfill your life projects. Second because the contact with more people, countries and cultures opens new windows and perceptions in a child’s mind and provides him tools for a better understanding of the reality around him, therefore making him a better global citizen and hopefully work for a better world in the future.


Terese, the mother


Hi! I’m Terese, from Vilnius, Lithuania. I studied scenography, painting and a little bit of other visual arts. I worked in different places like coffee shops, children camps, baby-sitting, cinema movies, theater and archeology. I don’t know when or where I fell in love with traveling. Maybe it was because of my parents that used to take me everywhere, anywhere they were going to.

Rodrigo, the father


I’m a portuguese didgeridoo maker, musician and teacher that has been putting a lot of energy in making the didgeridoo more present and strong in Portugal. Music, entrepreneurship, theater, travels, meeting new cultures and bringing people together are some of my passions. I love to work with people through the didgeridoo and I’m always interested in finding new interactions from other areas with the didgeridoo, like industry, education, health, arts, technology, among others.

Markus, the son


I have been traveling since always! When I was still in my mom’s belly I was visiting Spain, Germany and a lot of places in my parents countries – Lithuania and Portugal. My mother and my father try to work and travel together because they know how I like to spend time with them. I’m going through a very big learning process and sometimes feel like a sponge, absorbing everything around me, that is why those travels are so important for my development as a human being, aware of the world we all live in.

Creators of Academia Walkabout