Academia Walkabout

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Rodrigo Viterbo was a bullying victim in school, from 13 to 15. That disturbed his school results and led him to deviant behaviours. Later he found the didgeridoo and dedicated to it with great passion, finding a purpose for life and a place in society.

Academia Walkabout helps to develop employability skills on teenagers in order to fight Youth Unemployment. Through non formal education and arts, we work proactivity, the feeling of belonging, the self-concept and critical thinking.

The aboriginal culture inspires us to start the artistic development of performative shows.


1. Society

  • Society needs dedicated citizen passionate for their action.
  • It is mostly in school that we develop our personality and the education system needs everybody’s participation.

2. Art

  • Art exists in all cultures.
  • Through art we get to know ourselves better and we become better people.

3. Intercultural dialogue

  • Every people has a unique and special culture
  • The contact and understanding of other cultures makes us better people and citizen.

Academia Walkabout, the program

The word Walkabout refers to a rite of passage from some aboriginal groups, in which the young men undergo a journey alone in the wilderness.

Inspired by this concept and by our Vision we developed this non formal education program that works self-development through art and intercultural dialogue.

Creators of Academia Walkabout