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Cerimónia de entrega dos Prémios dos Quadros de Honra


In Escola de Gondifelos, more precise, in the entrance of the school.

Last friday, yep, about friday I should be writing some days ago. But you know, I ‘m beginner. I’m beginner in writing and The Walkabout Family is beginner in Academia Walkabout. So I would like to talk about some mistakes that were made by The Walkabout Family and, of course, about success. First, we are here to give notion of how looks real performance, how is feeling to be part of big mechanism of show, that all ingredients are important. I think this time our kids couldn´t feel equal of rest of participants of ceremony, because it was no exact time or place confirmed. I´m not seeing Tony Carreira or Mazgani coming to place where the concert must be and waiting hours till performance starts…in Lithuania we are saying “time is money”…
No, kids weren´t waiting long long hours, but still it was some misunderstanding…on other hand, kids can´t be late also. They are performers, they must be on time! It´s  not easy, but we must to respect each other´s work and one of The Walkabout Family´s intention is to teach that our youth.

Here goes some pictures from event and see you next time when I will show some details from last sunday party ! yep, it was really busy weekend :)

New week – new blogger!!

From now on, ladies and gentlemen, you will enjoy my english posts with Lithuanian sauce + Portuguese spices! Yes, you understood right, first I´m mom of small human being called Markus and wife of big human being – Rodrigo.  And only then sister, daughter, painter, set/costume designer and from now on text creator of this marvelous place The Walkabout family blog …. while I´ll be managing posts, intend to write about
WORK: news from Artiva-te and Lameiras social community and etc.!!
FAMILY: what motivates us to move and inspires us!!
ARTS: our passions!!
TRAVELS: the happy and the bad days of our projects: work+family!!

famous blogger by Dave Walker
famous blogger by Dave Walker

I promise it will be a lot of stuff to read!!!