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Last two weeks have been very intensive for us and we skiped our posts here in our blog! We was working on both sessions to prepare a presentation that happened Monday, March 30th on a congress by our partner PASEC on ANIMA – Young Socio-cultural Animators Gathering, in Famalicão.

During those two sessions there was just no time for any photos so unfortunatly we don’t have any image from them. Before the concert we was just counting with 3 kids but in the last moment the five kids managed to come and it was a great concert.

The presentation was included in the part of the congress where PASEC was presenting their work with the gipsy communities in famalicão.

Innovation and Inclusion
Innovation and Inclusion



So… here is it… last session of Artiva-te!

Nice warm spring is coming to Portugal and to Gondifelos also, our kids are ready to sweat not because is hot outside but because they are working with all power!!!

We continued “ideia fixe” marathon and now was Daniel´s time to share with us his idea. After that we had our warm up exercises and Cláudia introduced Nicolae from Romania, he is doing EVS – European Voluntary Service in YUPI, and arrived less than one month ago to Famalicão. And is already participating in some Yupi projects.

Then we separated in our A and B groups like last time and:

A. Received examples of project presentations: The Walkabout Family´s activities and the concert The World of Didgeridoo and concert “Takas”. They worked to understand how to read those kid of documents and how to write proposal for possible client. As a final exercise the made an email template for the contact with the clients that they can use in the future.

B. Worked on performance that should be presented to possible client.

After all groups presented what they did to each other and they got some advice from YUPI and The Walkabout Family. And also from Nicolae that said he felt the session as a very dynamic one. He compared it to engineering: you have the people, the means, the resources, what counts is what comes out of the mixture.

We think this is a very nice image for Artiva-te!

And even though with this session we finished our year in Gondifelos we till will be available to receive questions from kids and help them if they need.

Go, Artiva-te, Go, Go, Daniel, Alex, Adriana, Maria and Maria, Luís, Ruben and rest of you that didn’t finished with us today!

Ok, last sentence sounds like goodbye song 😉 but still we will see them next week on preparation for the youth exchange week organized by YUPI. And during that week we will visit them for sure and will make some magic sounds!!!

Like Markus like to say: Até até!


Our Artiva-te session started with “special idea” from Luís.

It´s a short and funny game:in a circle, one element of the group gets blindfolded in the center, then someone goes out of the circle. The element in the center must guess who went out just by touching the hands of the remaining elements. Because after some moments the blindfolded element tends to only identify the remaining elements and forget to name the missing elements, this game shows us why it´s important to not forget the main point of the challenge.  And it is so easy to forget even small “mission” in the daily life.

After warming up exercises we made something new: we was working on the steps of the process of creating, producing, presenting and following up a show. We created a list of those steps and asked the kids to reflect on each of them and to think to which of these parts they belong. The point was to help them memorize the steps to keep creating and presenting their shows.

And for the end of the session we split in two groups to work and prepare: A. Performance B. Production.

A. Luís, Maria, Maria and Adriana created DidgeGirls.
B. Daniel and Alex with Rodrigo went to speak about producing the show.

After all we had:

A. For Luís is still difficult to lead: if in the beginning he sees the idea of performance, in the end he tends to lose energy and main point of performance. So with help of our super active Maria :) he cloud prepare short but cute show. Thank you DidgeGirls!

B. With Alex’s energy and brains of Daniel we could produce performances like professionals :) shame that we discovered that only now when we are finishing the project. But is better later than never! Who knows maybe they will use new skills that they found out now or maybe we will be needing them in our future projects!? Who knows. ..


This week we didn’t have session because it was Carnival holiday. But the session before that one was one of the best we had so far!!!

Start didn’t promise nothing special: kids were late and totally out of focus…

But after short meeting about last sessions and future plans we went for warm up exercises and had nice surprise: our “old” student from last year group came to visit as and say hello to the friends of Artiva-te. It  was really nice gesture, thank you, Diogo!

Then we had 40min untill the end so started team work and leadership exercises based on music. It was some of the most productive and intensive moments in our sessions.


Last session of the month gave us fresh ideas about Academia Walkabout and Artiva-te!

After middle-term evaluation session we found out that kids want more concerts and “fun” in the sessions ;)… how typical :)

So, let’s give them what they want !!

Let’s work together for our ideas!  We are here to support you and to show how to do it.

First we divided kids in two groups: one (Alex, Alexandre and Ruben) went with Rodrigo and Terese to speak more about the concerts and others went with YUPI members to find out how to improve sessions to have more “fun”.

In our group we spoke about performances that we already did: which kind of message we wanted to say with our performances, in which kinds of places we performed… what it s the meaning to have concerts after all?

And we came up to conclusion that mostly Artiva-te is performing in schools or social work oriented places. In the school we show to families, friends and school community what we are doing in Artiva-te… we share our work, passion and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

In social places we sharing also and trying to create value and a moment of pleasure for people who are assisting.

After all, we came to conclusion that we could make some more concerts in places like elders houses or social neighborhood. Special that some neighborhood have music projects like TUKBATUK with which we could share experiences and trade experiences and knowledge.

And also we could go to Didaxis where our old member Diogo is studying and make nice moment to him and inspire more students to be actively working on their dreams!

So now we will check the number of sessions that we will still have with Artiva-te kids and then we will start work with them to get some ideas true!


Last session we had nice visitors from countries like Peru, Uruguay, Germany… They were invited  by YUPI to see our work with kids!!!

And it was very nice to see how kids was inviting them to participate in the warm up exercises… it happened without verbal communication (some kids understand English or Spanish but it is much more difficult to express their own). So, one more time was proved that arts don’t have borders.

After kids shared their experiences in Artiva-te project and received nice feedbacks from visitor. One of my favorite  was: “if you enjoy what you play, audience will enjoy also”.

In the question “Did you ever thought to quit the group?” kids answered that on the certain moment all of them felt weak in the project… but in those moments Rodrigo’s sentence “you are not allowed to say I can’t” pushed them to overtake the challenges!

We had pleasure to receive T-shirt from Martin. This nice guy from Germany has a project called Band Academy in which kids are couched how to create and managed a band.

Also we had nice moment when the leader from Peru said how important these activities that we are doing in Artiva-te will be important in their future in terms of group work.

After our guests went out, Artiva-te received sad news… sad for all of us… special for those that gave hard work and time to start this project…

Artiva-te continues till the end of March and after we will separate… no summer festivals, no main show in the end of year… sad but not bad because we will be available for new challenges and experiences!


After Christmas, New Year and Markus anniversary in Lithuania we landed in rainy Portugal winter! And next day after flights we had Academia Walkabout in Gondifelos.

We started like always: warm up exercises and we are very proud of our kids that they are starting sessions and integrating exercises without asking. They are talking less and concentrate in finishing exercises and getting ready for the tasks of the session.

Because it was somehow middle of the school year we made middle term evaluation. We showed pictures from the 5 performances that they made until now and refreshed their memory and asked them to rate each show from the point of view of audience: attitude of musicians, placement on space and costumes.

Second part of session belonged to our partners Yupi. Claudia made some questions about what they did on the 7 sessions that we had and then they was invited to answer a questionnaire.

In the end we had discussion about difficulties on the sessions and how to resolve them.  We hope that kids left session more inspired for next half of school year!

ARTIVA-TE!! Christmas :)

Artiva-te had Christmas performance in the library of school!!!

The event started with tea and very delicious cookies made by the students of cook vocational course 😉 and it was really nice “welcome” after a fresh afternoon!!! Very nice idea to start :)

The evening was dedicated to close the year and celebrate Christmas and was organized by some of the extra curricular groups from the school.

So, it was Artiva-te, dance and theatre groups and some others.

Our performance was PERFECT !! Ask Rodrigo!!! I’m sure he would say the same!!!

As I said space in library is round and have second floor, so, kids started the presentation appearing on the balcony and the sound down stairs was spectacular! Everyone was amazed and couldn’t understand which kind of sound they were listening! Second song was performed downstairs, then the audience saw the instruments, plastic tubes!! :)… They were surprised how the kids could such an interesting sound with just a simple tube :)

Thank you Artiva-te!!!

Something to reflect on: what to say to the kids that didn’t appear on the last 3 performances? Of course we all have our lives and no one is forced to come to all the concerts but the group works better when we all participate and this is one of the lessons we get from this work, so how to improve that sense of responsibility?

ARTIVA-TE! Performance in a hut of Santa Claus.

Saturday, second round!

After Christmas shop where we had short performance, Artiva-te went to a hut that was installed to gather food and clothes for families with needs.

The hut was quite calm and cold place for performance but Artiva-te kids did the best what they could on the moment! We had Santa Claus sharing the stage with us and microphones for sound projection as it was on the open air, a lot of new experience :)

Enjoy the images from the performance and thank you ASGON for the ride, without ASGON Artiva-te wouldn’t be able to experience so many things at one day!

ARTIVA-TE! Performance in Christmas shop.

Saturday, Artiva-te had a performance in a handicraft shop that opened only for Christmas period. It’s cozy and nice place, full of hand-made cookies, wooden Christmas trees, eco-friendly toys for kids and not only, home decor and etc.

Artiva-te was invited to perform this weekend and untill Christmas this homely place will host more activities for all kinds of ages and needs.

So, we had short performance with didgeridoos and plastic cups (this part of show was created in FATT and they like to do it because they created it and it makes them feel directors of show). In the end of the show, we met Mariana, a saxophone palyer that wanted to try to play didgeridoo so we did a crash course for her!!!

We felt that on the next session we need to speak about responsibility, because on Saturday’s performance we had 5 performers: Alex, Maria, Rúben, José and Maria. Rest of crew didn’t appeared, even if they said that they would.

If you belong to group, if you can a task, if you have a responsibility in front of group, you must keep it or inform in advance.

Maybe we didn’t define the tasks or we wasn’t clearly speaking about responsibility in the group?