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Some things I didn’t tell you…

Lately I’m so busy with my career as a Mother and with my students to whom I’m teaching arts that I completely forgot to share with you some nice moments from our last travel to Vilnius.

Yes, it was super short but still it was opportunity to see my parents and my siblings.

Also Rodrigo had two concerts at Karalienės Mortos mokykla, a school that has been innovating a lot in terms of education and how they work with their kids. Both concerts were full of engaged students quite curious to learn more about the didgeridoo.

He also met Ūdros Vaikai, a duo that uses the mouth harp as their main instrument, blending it with poetry and other instruments. They devised some music together to present it in a unique concert and we do hope to collaborate more in the future.

Some new things that I learnt from last journey to Vilnius:

1. In the plane, as a 2 year old, Markus doesn’t receive life jacket but also being such a small kid he still can’t fit in an adult jacket.  The same with the belts… is it only me who thinks about having a “medium size” or something like that ;-)? It would be suitable for older than 2 years old kids but younger than 10 years. Or maybe it could be regulated by kilos and high of kid… lets say if you are bigger then 1.5m then you get adult size, if smaller you would use “medium size” …..

2. I can’t make happy all my family and friends… It’s just impossible!! So I learnt that best way to see all or at lease those who are available it s my husband’s concerts! !!

3. It s super nice to see how my kid is adapting to new places and people! Let’s do it again!!!

Check the pictures from our travel on the gallery above the text!

Pictures by Tomas Martasi and others.

Takas – Road to Cabo Verde, a review

A portuguese-lithuanian family and a didgeridoo in Cabo Verde for 6 days – a small review!

After some months preparing the visit to Cabo Verde, the moment finally came. In this post we will share some images of our activities and later we will create more posts about each of them.

We had everything ready to stay for 14 days but the announcement of TAP’s pilots strike came to shake those plans… The original plan was to spend some days in Praia, then move to Porto Madeira and finally to visit the Rabelados of Espinho Branco. Because of the strike our filght was changed to April, 28th and so we had to change our plans.

This was our agenda for six days:

  • TAKAS concert at Palácio da Cultura Ildo Lobo, in Praia
  • Making Paper Didgeridoos Workshop with local musicians and artists
  • Three concerts for students from L’École Internationale Les Alizés
  • 3 day community workshop based on the didgeridoo and the creation of a show
  • TAKAS concert at Rabelados from Espinho Branco
  • Community wokshop based on the didgeridoo

It was an intense period and we are very thankful to all the partners who made it possible: Misá Kouassi, Fundação GDA, Ministério da Cultura de Cabo Verde, Art Kafé and L’École Internationale Les Alizés.

We leave some images from these days and we will be posting more during the next weeks.

With the support:

6 ContinenteGDA preto

See you in mid May!!!

So, The Walkabout Family is about to enter a big adventure and we might become a bit out of contact!

See you in mid May!
See you in mid May!

In the next thirty days a lot will happen in our lives… Moving to London is a big challenge for us in this moment so we are focusing all our energy in that change.

But other things will happen in the meantime: we are moving out of our house to cut down some expenses, we are going to take our work to Cabo Verde for some days and besides all this Rodrigo still has some tasks for the school application at Guildhall.

Uff! So much to pack and carry! I can do it...
Uff! So much to pack and carry! I can do it…

We will spend the next days packing, moving, traveling, performing, teaching, experiencing Cabo Verde and the new relationships that will be created, and most of all taking care of the family.

This said, please be patient if we take some time answering some emails, publishing posts or answering our phones. We will try to come back to normal connection around May 14th.

Thank you for your comprehension!

Misá Kouassi

Meet Misá… Our host and partner in our visit to Cabo Verde!Misá Kouassi

Misá is a painter, sculptress and poetess from Cabo Verde that strives for a cultural bridge between Africa and Europe.

She has been using art to work on the uplift of impoverished and neglected community in Cape Verde called the Rebelados.  Through her work and influence the community started art-based businesses and other community improvement projects. Misá is also working at the village Porto Madeira where the aim is to create a more sustainable and developed village through the organization of artistic residencies.

Community work with Misá
Community work with Misá

This worldwide prized artist was a partner with us from the first email we sent to her. The idea of bringing the didgeridoo to the communities of Rebelados and Porto Madeira for concerts and community workshops was very well received and we believe we couldn’t have found a better connection in Cabo Verde for our work.

Thank you for your enthusiasm Misá!

TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde is supported by Fundação GDA

GDA preto

TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde

An old dream came true! We are going to visit Cabo Verde and work with the didgeridoo from April 23rd to May 4th.

This has been an old dream by Terese and Rodrigo and it was made possible thanks to the partnership with Misá Kouassi, a plastic artist from Cabo Verde and the support of GDA – Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas, Intérpretes ou Executantes.GDA preto

GDA opened their call for papers for a program that supports touring expenses and immediately we thought about Cabo Verde as a possibility for a project. We’ve been wanting to visit Cabo Verde for a long time but never had a match with a partner on site. Following some suggestions from some friends we established contact with Misá and the so wanted match happened!

Misá KouassiMisá is a plastic artist and cultural activist from Cabo Verde that has been working to empower through art the communities of Porto Madeira and Rabelados. As soon as we proposed our ideas for Cabo Verde she joined the project wholeheartedly.

The project TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde will be coordinated by the association ABI-DJAN Associação para Benificiência Intercultural – Dinamismo dos Jovens Artistas pelas Nações.

We are going to spend 14 days in Santiago and present TAKAS, the concert, followed by a community workshop around the didgeridoo and the creation of a performance that these communities can promote and sell in the future.

Porto MadeiraWe just got our tickets and we are starting to promote the project so everything is very new for all of us. We are looking for other partners to join this adventure  and we will be updating the blog with more news and details.



Some thoughts on our 3 moments of work while in Lithuania for Christmas.

When we decided to go spend Christmas in Lithuania we knew we would enjoy our experiences in that period. But we could never have guessed it would be so amazing times!


A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!
A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!

The Center for Attachement Parenting is a place to reflect about closer parenting and they organize activities for families. They was interested in hosting a Didgeridoo Making Workshop for families. In that rainy day we had only one family and one music teacher so we all agreed in making a softer workshop, so I was sharing how to make didgeridoos from toilet paper rolls as well as some basics on didgeridoo playing. The kids (Markus and D.) was having fun around us. It was a soft and nice morning in a place worth to know!


One moment from the concert.
One moment from the concert.

The very first institution that booked something with us this time. This school in Siauliai is an example of a different approach to education. There were 150 students in the room with high levels of interest and participation all through the presentation. In the end we had a meeting as we are planing something for the future, but about that we will speak again in some months…


More images @
More images @

Rodrigo was sharing a talk about his bullying experience and how he went over it at TEDxKids@Vilnius. In this fantastic event we was all sharing ideas about the education of the future and it was extremely exciting and motivating. After the tragic disappearing of Tomas Dobrovolskis, The Walkabout Family offered to guarantee that the kids participating in the event wouldn’t loose the music workshop. The workshop happened in the end of the day and everyone was quite tired: kids, volunteers, Rodrigo, organization. In the performance the kids was just amazing!

More images @
More images @

It is always a pleasure to work with the didgeridoo in Lithuania! We look forward for next visit. Labai aciu!

UPDATE: The videos from TEDxKids@Vilnius are already available!

Performance in Braga. Second day!

After saturday´s presentation in Braga, Rodrigo was invited to make concert in the sharing moment of the Rover 2014/2015 by Junta de Núcleo de V. N. de Famalicão do Corpo Nacional de Escutas.

It was very cold weather but warm entertainment of scouts…

Unfortunately, that concert was very late, so Markus was sleeping and we skipped all party… but we are sharing some pictures from event and if you want to see more of them, please, visit CNE page in Facebook!

Performance in Braga!

Saturday was big day…

In the afternoon we had Lessons from the Didgeridoo in Casa de Juventude and in the night presentation in Braga.

We were invited by Junta de Núcleo de V.N. de Famalicão do Corpo Nacional de Escutas to inspire youth for active citizenship and to share our experience how it is work in and with family…

Because of  afternoon’s workshop, we decided that Markus needed to rest and stay at home…so, we sent Rodrigo alone to represent our family… sometimes it happens when you work with family…

But even without our physical presence, Rodrigo did nice presentation. After main talk of Miguel Gonçalves from Spark Agency, the scouts were divided in smaller groups, in each of them they had a session with the mentors from projects like: Transformers, Associação Salta Fronteiras, Pista Mágica and others.

After Rodrigo was invited for a concert on the night after to make concert and speak more about instrument!