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In my country food is something to feed your belly with and that’s all! I would skip my breakfast in trade of longer sleep, eat fast lunch on the way or eat before the bed because I would be starving… I would eat at any time, whatever and however is available at the moment not to feel hunger :)

But one day I moved to a country where food is at the centre of the day… where culture of the food is vital.
It took me 6 months… what am I saying?! I am still struggling with accepting it and losing patience when I need to spend 5-7 hours on the table,,,
But it was in Portugal where I started my food journey and now when I have fussy eater toddler and being a fussy pregnant forces me to search, question and care about food.
So we said hello to flexitarianism and I think we will stick to in for some time or even for the rest of our life as family :)
p.s. yes, some people would say that flexitarianism is like vegetarianism just cheating but I don’t agree because all vegetarians that I know use medicine and vaccines that are based on trials with animal or even have part of animals. So let’s be fair and admit that even meat eater can be an environmentalist :)
To be honest I don’t care about gorillas in south america or dogs in asian counties but I concern about my son’s life in future and environment that will be around him. So if I care about him then automatically I care about chickens and dogs and whales and politics and all that mess that’s around us…
Oops… let’s go back to food :) my dear responsible consumers!
From now on our family will ban SUGAR and PALM OIL.
Why? make your own research! :) I did mine and after family meeting we agreed that from now on we will try to learn more about stevia and make more home-made biscuits!
Have a nice tea time!