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We were stolen – what we learned from that experience

The Walkabout Family is moving to London. Because this is a very big event for us we are selling almost everything we have. But we were stolen. Here we share what we learnt from that experience.

When we understood that this would be a new chapter for us we started looking for what we had that we wouldn’t need. All the clothes and things from Markus was given to other parents or institutions. Then came some house things like furniture and kitchen utilities. Then the musical instruments, books, CDs and other things or memories from our lives. Then the tools. Because we had to move out of the house we was living in we stored everything in Rodrigo’s workshop while we was posting it in our Leaving Stuff Behind blog.

Two days before going to Cabo Verde we received a phone call: “place was stolen, come as fast as you can to see what’s missing”. This is a glimpse of what we found…

At first it’s sad to see your things like this. Not because of their value but because some of these things was collected when we were kids, me or Terese, and some happen to be special for us in their way.

I just had one hour to understand what was missing and immediatly I noticed a four wheeled scooter that was already promised to someone, an old computer that I was going to offer to an institution, my angle grinder that was mounted with my didgeridoo making tool the Arbortech, some power tools for didgeridoo making, among other things. In total about 600 euros worth in material was gone.

After sadness comes anger. I started feeling really bad about this and the people who had done it. Bad thoughts filled my mind..

Nothing to be done at the moment, I tried to rescue the last didgeridoo making tools, took these pictures, a last look and I had to leave to work in Cabo Verde trying not to think too much about this and trying to send away the fear that they would come back to pick more things while I would be away.

We went to Cabo Verde, worked our best and came back earlier than expected because of reasons we couldn’t control.

As soon as we landed in Portugal I came back to the place. I needed to face it and clean it. It was very difficult to pick up everything from the floor and collect the traces of the event.

When I started collecting evidences I understood that they was kids: they was playing with some old toys like this toy slot car race set and these miniature guns.

IMG_2351_2 IMG_2352

After some minutes wanting to slap these kids faces to teach them a lesson I found myself feeling sad for them that they don’t understand the notion of respect and property. They didn’t enter the place necessarily because they are in finantial hardship but mostly to play adults and brave ones. In the end they find themselves playing with two old useless toys and the destroy some things in the way. I whish I could meet them and ask if they want more things, I have been giving a lot of our things and it’s more important that they move into new hands than to make a fortune out of these things.

Any way: they didn’t come back while we were out and no new things were stolen. Now the place is empty and it’s time to share what we learned from this experience:

  • After the “attack” I contacted some people and in one day we forwarded most of the things that was still sitting in the place – I moved out more things in some hours than I had done in two weeks, apparently we needed a push!
  • The first impressions from the scenario they left made us think it was a robbery, after better observation we understood that they were kids trying to prove something – how we all must be careful with first feelings!
  • 600 euros worth of material and some sentimental things disappeared and we found ourselves not missing them so much after all – as a friend said: everything that can be stolen from you is replaceable.

Most of our things are sold, given and delivered. We are very excited with this detachment practice that is opening space for new learnings and experiences!

I so love Porto!.. Or pigeons, traffic lights and buses.

We are leaving Famalicão and moving more to the north of Portugal (and that will be next  weekend!) so probably our trips to Porto won´t be often… so I thought to go for a visit… my Porto.. city that 5 (???????? … time flies) years ago I fell in love.. and it was only because of that love I came back to Portugal for Evs and stayed for longer… got married and all rest that you know 😉

First of all…
This post should be called “5 things I love in Porto”… but… My life doesn’t belong to me anymore… I have 2 handsoms guys that I can’t stop thinking about… so when I went to Porto to do my 5 best things.. I understood that they not making me happy any more ;)… what is more important for me now is if Markus is comfortable and where I can have coffee with Rodrigo… nothing more 😉 if those two guys are happy I am also happy!

So pigeons, dogs, traffic lights and etc…

here is it! green light...
here is it! green light…

I am trying to teach Markus to cross streets only on crosswalks, so on the small Porto streets we were the only ones who were waiting for green light 😉

dogs of Porto
dogs of Porto

Animals: dogs, pigeons, cats… all of them were counted and observed!

Thank you Markus for making me see Porto from another angle 😉

Tourists, Santa Catarina and juice…

TOURISTS ... a lot of them...
TOURISTS … a lot of them…

Besides “Porto of Markus” I still had piece of “Terese´s Porto” :) because from train station (São Bento) we went to Ponte D. Luís… ok.. in the beginning I was still excited about how to show everything to Markus but since I understood that for him is more interesting pigeons then azulejos Eduardo Leite on capela Santa Catarina, everything became much easier;)

So after watching buses passing by and traffic lights we went to Ponte D. Luís. .. and came back… it was sooo many tourist s that we couldn’t step on bridge… Porto changed a lot in the last years… city became more fancy with a lot of tourists and started to lose his charm…

Santa Catarina...
Santa Catarina…

We stopped by Santa Catarina… it was the first thing I saw when I came to Porto. And still makes me shake and remainds me that small girl coming up from metro with huge backpack and extra two bags… coming without knowing why and where… and that’s why I gave coin to blind guy even if I´m never doing that.


We stop to see buses in Bolhão bus stop… from where I was coming home after my classes in ESMAE. I learned a lot from that place ;)… that buses stop only when you make sign with the hand, that you enter from front and go out from back, that you wait and stay on line (and I learned a lot while I was waiting)… that exist shops only for baptism…

Juice juice!!! And juices!!!


Itaipu…. a place that Rodrigo brought me once .. even I don’t know why he did that but I don’t care! Friendship, dating time, pregnancy, even Markus is growing in Itaipu 😉 ….Not much more to say, we just love that place

So… I still love Porto even if my heart belongs to two small portuguese and that the face of the city changed a lot since I saw it for the first time 😉

Before Easter, Easter and after Easter!

Before Easter.
We were busy sorting our things, treasures and objects that we would like to keep but we also enjoy to “release” and make someone else happy as we were when we had those things! We are starting our new journey and allowing that new path to bring new things that we will be collecting… and maybe.. who knows? Maybe after some years we will be giving them also 😉

All what we have to give/sell you can find here. Keep in mind that all money that we will collect from them we will spend on our preparation for London!

Last days Rodrigo was working 24 hours per day and that made him stay in bed for all easter period (don’t worry now he is much better)… so our Easter was small picnic in the Famalicão park with 2+1 Easter’s eggs! But I was lucky enough to have Rodrigo at home so I could give time to myself to my new passion and make 3 new pants for Markus!

Pants patterns I took from Dana made it. You can see on the pictures above how it looks on Markus.

After Easter.
Rodrigo is again on track and adding more stuff for new owners 😉 I am in deep sickness for sewing (here is my new victim from Max California) and Markus is rising his new teeth and messing up with everything in the house!

We still have 10 days to stay in Famalicão and so many things to finish!!! A bit panic but still happy and excited to move on!

Wish us luck, we deserve it!!!

Happy Easter!!! And hard eggs!


Last two weeks have been very intensive for us and we skiped our posts here in our blog! We was working on both sessions to prepare a presentation that happened Monday, March 30th on a congress by our partner PASEC on ANIMA – Young Socio-cultural Animators Gathering, in Famalicão.

During those two sessions there was just no time for any photos so unfortunatly we don’t have any image from them. Before the concert we was just counting with 3 kids but in the last moment the five kids managed to come and it was a great concert.

The presentation was included in the part of the congress where PASEC was presenting their work with the gipsy communities in famalicão.

Innovation and Inclusion
Innovation and Inclusion


Academia Walkabout – Contingencies of a work like this

In the last weeks we have been very excited about two upcoming performances that promised to be very important for the group in Lameiras:

  1. FATT Indoor, by Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo, in Porto
  2. ANIMA – Young Socio-cultural Animators Gathering, in Famalicão

But when we work with so many variables like Non-formal Education, Partners, Music, Art, Culture(s), Communities, Ethnicities and, most important of all, People, we are always subject to changes in our plans.
Urbanizacao das LameirasThe last two weeks dictated two changes in our group from Lameiras… First, someone from one of the families died and because of this two of our kids was forbidden by their parents to go to Porto. We was reduced to 3 kids and it wouldn’t be the same but we could still manage to present a nice show. Then a wedding appeared for the day of the concert so two girls got out of the plan leaving the group with only one boy.

We was sad that we had to cancel the participation of the kids from Lameiras in FATT Indoor but this is the life of a group like ours!

The Walkabout Family will still be presenting the work we have been doing with kids and teenagers through the didgeridoo at FATT Indoor as a way to inspire more people to operate a change in their communities!


Last week we used most of the energy of the session for a double rehearsal for the upcoming concerts.

We introduced some new sounds on the performance with the use of some toys and a plastic bottle. The kids were enjoying these new sounds a lot.

I totally forgot to use the camera but luckily Bruna from PASEC came to see the performance and she used her phone to record the video so we have some images!

Thank you dear audience!
Thank you dear audience!


In the last session we had great things happening. Here is a celebration to returns and group ownership!

Markus changed his routines so in the last weeks he tends to sleep in the moment we have our session in Lameiras. The kids sometimes ask for him and Terese, if everything is ok with them. As I was arriving to the session all the kids ran into the room and forbid me to enter so they could prepare a surprise for me…

As I entered the room they started the show we prepared in December. The main leader for all this was that kid that was out of the sessions for some weeks. We tried to go on with the show but some thing didn’t work out as smooth as we wished (they arrived to the part where I should lead with clapsticks and didgeridoo and I had not yet unpacked them). I thanked them for organizing this surprise and  their initiative and we went for warm up. Another return was from one of the girls that had been out for some weeks and it felt very good to have the full group again together.

They couldn’t wait to show me our picture from Christmas performance in a local magazine!

The group in the news!
The group in the news!

The group was in a very nice mood already. They all participated in the warm up and then we went for the session. I wanted to work on the show and on new possibilities and sounds but our sessions are becoming very interesting so a lot of other kids keep sneaking at the windows and this is quite disturbing for the group. We spent some time speaking about why the others want to see the session and if it’s more important for the to participate or to be covering the windows.

We had the opportunity to do some leadership exercises and almost all the kids tried to direct the others buy placing themselves in front of the group and proposing rhythms or sounds for the others to imitate. It’s not always easy for them but I it’s important that they practice while at the same time they feel the difficulty of leading.

In the end, while we was distributing the tape for their didgeridoos, some kids just took the clapsticks and a boomwhacker and started playing in group while playing percussion. Slowly we are feeling that some results we wanted are coming to happen: the kids come regularly to the sessions, they understand that they must be on time, they experiment more, they follow instructions and rules and above all participate in the sessions.


In this session we was using Boomwhackers, incorporating gipsy clapping in a song and working in our next concert…

Trying a basic clapping rythm
Trying a basic clapping rythm

In this session I wanted the kids to try some more musical exercises and to take a new role and teach me some gipsy clapping that we could eventually integrate in the show.

The musical exercises was made with Boomwhackers and it was a great moment. All the three had the opportunity to play and to conduct the group. I love to see their faces when they have the chance to control the sound of the group. One of the girls has a particularly interesting sense of rythm, these moments are perfect to reveal these skills.

Then we moved to the gipsy clapping. Some time ago I was on another urbanization here in Famalicão and I jammed a little bit with César, he was mostly singing but also clapping. It’s almost impossible no to enjoy, specially with the didgeridoo. So I asked this group if they could share with me some clapping rythms. Our “beat” girl jumped in immediately.

We was working on integrating this pattern with the didgeridoo but concentration was not on the highest levels so we was just trying some ideas.

In the end of the session, that kid that was missing came for a visit. I asked if he was still with us and he said yes. Let’s see if he comes back in the future!


Preparations for FATT Indoor’s concert start! That’s right, Lameiras will be performing at this event in March.

Some adjustments are going on the group… The kid that was missing the last session didn’t appear in this session neither and we have another participant that is moving out of the neighborhood so has stopped coming. We are now working with three kids but the work keeps going and all groups experience times like these.

We was rehearsing the new song and the kids asked if they could show it to their friends, which shows that they are proud of their creations and this was one of our objectives in this work.

One of the kids proposed a funny movement with the didgeridoo, a little bit like an old school clown with an umbrella, right in the end of the song. It was so cute that I asked him to keep it for the presentation and he became shy on doing it on stage and said he wouldn’t do it again. I asked if he could do it on the rehearsal just one more time and after he wouldn’t do it more. We agreed but when we invited the friends to come and watch he did it again because he started understanding it really works. This is one of our principles: we don’t force nothing, we just encourage them to work on their own proposals.

This week we will try to speak with the boy that’s been missing to see why he is not coming and if he wants to come back!


Sometimes our kids just squeeze us out.

And last session in Lameiras was that case, I came home completely smashed… but after this kind of sessions we get more energy to get

better and invest more in our work, specially how to work out difficult moments when kids does not listen you at all and do everything opposite then you say…

One of the kids from this group has some problems at home so sometimes he uses these sessions for his catharsis and creates some moments of tension with the other kids and with us. In this session he had a moment that he had to leave to spend some energy outside. After that the group managed to improve his didgeridoo playing and the started to create a new song.

1, 2, 3, 4, Go!
1, 2, 3, 4, Go!
If someone knows any solutions please be nice and share with us! We will certainly try them :-)