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The spring is coming to an end and we are making our reflection for this period of the year.

finishing his year at the school: starting to have new look of his place and role at the course.

becoming stronger as a father and a husband and being a good inspiration for his wife.

in general, you should see Rodrigo!! you wouldn´t recognise him! he become much more responsible, reliable and attentive person.

learnt that to be mother is a job and hard one. She was studying how to draw more than 6 years, but unfortunately she received no manual on how to be responsible for other person

understood that, if she wants to be good mother and inspire her husband, she needs to express herself as person.

has been a source of energy and strength for Rodrigo.
is super multi tasking, learning everything at any time!

So, lets reflect about our life more than once (not only in New Year´s Eve) to grow our relationships with ourselves and as family.


Recipe for a romantic family Easter.

You will need:

  • 1 Husband or something similar,
  • Kid or kids (depends if you like more bitter or more acid taste),
  • Place to stay.

For decoration:
Food, drinks, light, time… basically things that you have around you.

Wake up and enjoy your romantic family easter.

Bye, bye, dear BUG!!!

Sunday was the day that we said goodbye to our friend BUG…

We had that car not more then one year and a half but we had some really nice and hard moments with it 😉

We learnt how to pack father’s, mother’s and kid’s stuff, stroller, didgeridoos and other instruments in that small trunk, we could fit all (2 adults + kid + car chair) on back seats and change diapers of Markus! And do it in hot weather and in cold season :)… We could go from front seats to back seats without going out from car! We learnt how to protect Markus from sun!!!

And much more things that wasn’t told because it’s to intimate for internet 😉

Thanks/obrigado/aciu BUG that you was with us all this time!!!

Performance in Braga. Second day!

After saturday´s presentation in Braga, Rodrigo was invited to make concert in the sharing moment of the Rover 2014/2015 by Junta de Núcleo de V. N. de Famalicão do Corpo Nacional de Escutas.

It was very cold weather but warm entertainment of scouts…

Unfortunately, that concert was very late, so Markus was sleeping and we skipped all party… but we are sharing some pictures from event and if you want to see more of them, please, visit CNE page in Facebook!

Performance in Braga!

Saturday was big day…

In the afternoon we had Lessons from the Didgeridoo in Casa de Juventude and in the night presentation in Braga.

We were invited by Junta de Núcleo de V.N. de Famalicão do Corpo Nacional de Escutas to inspire youth for active citizenship and to share our experience how it is work in and with family…

Because of  afternoon’s workshop, we decided that Markus needed to rest and stay at home…so, we sent Rodrigo alone to represent our family… sometimes it happens when you work with family…

But even without our physical presence, Rodrigo did nice presentation. After main talk of Miguel Gonçalves from Spark Agency, the scouts were divided in smaller groups, in each of them they had a session with the mentors from projects like: Transformers, Associação Salta Fronteiras, Pista Mágica and others.

After Rodrigo was invited for a concert on the night after to make concert and speak more about instrument!

Lessons from the Didgeridoo in Casa de Juventude de Famalicão

Hi !

As we announced, Saturday afternoon we had Lessons from the Didgeridoo workshop in the Casa da Juventude!

And it was super great!!!

We had 5 participants: Maria – excited yoga teacher, Sonia – best dancer ever, Sílvia – didgeridoo playing enthusiast, João – owner of smooth didgeridoo sound and Ana – one of our great marketing students that came to take pictures and was also involved in the workshop!!

We started with some warm up exercises, to know and to get familiar with each other, to build the group for the rest 3 hours of work, or maybe for some more because sometimes what happens is that the participants that meet each other in seminar, continue the friendship later.

After exercises comes two basic experiences!

Topic 1:
Didgeridoo playing! It’s Rodrigo’s field, in which I think Markus will be involved very soon! Our kid loves to play with clapsticks! So sometimes you can see small fights between them… (Rodrigo, please, make pair of sticks for Christmas! I think it would be best gift for our boy!!)…

After this we get: the basic drone, the modulation of harmonics and how to improve our sound in the future. Also some concepts about playing in a group and for the group.

Topic 2:
Giant construction! That’s my small part of workshop and while Markus was sleeping on Rodrigo’s arms, I stayed with participants to create giant.

During this topic we see how to create what we need from what we have, how to be part of team, how to listen and be listened to. And after sone minutes we are available to manipulate huge parts of body and even create some synchronic movements!

In the end, for conclusion…

The participants are divided in two groups. Musicians: João – “because you are playing good”- said Sylvia and Maria because she exited to buy even real instrument and try to play!
Manipulators: Sylvia/legs, Sonia/head/torso, Ana/arms.

This is the moment when everything comes into place and that we apply everything we was working on. Some anxiety takes over our performers. Preparing stage, camera, lights…Action!

After second shot we have our performance done!

Thank you guys!! You all were spectacular!!

 Check the video!!