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Some things I didn’t tell you…

Lately I’m so busy with my career as a Mother and with my students to whom I’m teaching arts that I completely forgot to share with you some nice moments from our last travel to Vilnius.

Yes, it was super short but still it was opportunity to see my parents and my siblings.

Also Rodrigo had two concerts at Karalienės Mortos mokykla, a school that has been innovating a lot in terms of education and how they work with their kids. Both concerts were full of engaged students quite curious to learn more about the didgeridoo.

He also met Ūdros Vaikai, a duo that uses the mouth harp as their main instrument, blending it with poetry and other instruments. They devised some music together to present it in a unique concert and we do hope to collaborate more in the future.

Some new things that I learnt from last journey to Vilnius:

1. In the plane, as a 2 year old, Markus doesn’t receive life jacket but also being such a small kid he still can’t fit in an adult jacket.  The same with the belts… is it only me who thinks about having a “medium size” or something like that ;-)? It would be suitable for older than 2 years old kids but younger than 10 years. Or maybe it could be regulated by kilos and high of kid… lets say if you are bigger then 1.5m then you get adult size, if smaller you would use “medium size” …..

2. I can’t make happy all my family and friends… It’s just impossible!! So I learnt that best way to see all or at lease those who are available it s my husband’s concerts! !!

3. It s super nice to see how my kid is adapting to new places and people! Let’s do it again!!!

Check the pictures from our travel on the gallery above the text!

Pictures by Tomas Martasi and others.


We are thankful to “Projecto Homem” for our animated thursday morning! “Projecto Homen” is a non-profit welfare organization that works in the areas of drug and alcohol use and prevention. They invited us to participate in the Christmas holidays activities “Mais Vale Prevenir” (Better to Prevent) and they wanted to work the solidarity and the amusement without drugs with a group of about 12 kids from 10 to 14 years old. Withe the group there were 4 volunteers from YUPI, partner of Artiva-te.

I wasn’t participating in the beginning of a session but when I joined them I was inspired by an energy that those guys had all the morning and I believe all the rest of the day!

It was a colorful session: started with warm up exercises, short introduction to the world instruments, some didgeridoo stories and exercises around the drone, and when everyone was already warmed up, we started to create orchestra.

It’s always a challenge to work the listening, the silence, each person’s space in the group and concentration but in the end we finished with a cute short performance and feedback from the session!

Have a nice holidays activities guys!!! And thank you “Projecto Homen” for creating these spaces and moments with teenagers.

Lessons from the Didgeridoo in Casa de Juventude de Famalicão

Hi !

As we announced, Saturday afternoon we had Lessons from the Didgeridoo workshop in the Casa da Juventude!

And it was super great!!!

We had 5 participants: Maria – excited yoga teacher, Sonia – best dancer ever, Sílvia – didgeridoo playing enthusiast, João – owner of smooth didgeridoo sound and Ana – one of our great marketing students that came to take pictures and was also involved in the workshop!!

We started with some warm up exercises, to know and to get familiar with each other, to build the group for the rest 3 hours of work, or maybe for some more because sometimes what happens is that the participants that meet each other in seminar, continue the friendship later.

After exercises comes two basic experiences!

Topic 1:
Didgeridoo playing! It’s Rodrigo’s field, in which I think Markus will be involved very soon! Our kid loves to play with clapsticks! So sometimes you can see small fights between them… (Rodrigo, please, make pair of sticks for Christmas! I think it would be best gift for our boy!!)…

After this we get: the basic drone, the modulation of harmonics and how to improve our sound in the future. Also some concepts about playing in a group and for the group.

Topic 2:
Giant construction! That’s my small part of workshop and while Markus was sleeping on Rodrigo’s arms, I stayed with participants to create giant.

During this topic we see how to create what we need from what we have, how to be part of team, how to listen and be listened to. And after sone minutes we are available to manipulate huge parts of body and even create some synchronic movements!

In the end, for conclusion…

The participants are divided in two groups. Musicians: João – “because you are playing good”- said Sylvia and Maria because she exited to buy even real instrument and try to play!
Manipulators: Sylvia/legs, Sonia/head/torso, Ana/arms.

This is the moment when everything comes into place and that we apply everything we was working on. Some anxiety takes over our performers. Preparing stage, camera, lights…Action!

After second shot we have our performance done!

Thank you guys!! You all were spectacular!!

 Check the video!!