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Let us sneak into Markus cloakroom or a GIANT POST

Today I was looking for a hat… a summer hat for Markus. And since my research takes time I thought to write a post about some of our discoveries, without which we couldn’t survive!!

First. Our Markus is good in “sweaty feet”, “wet sweaty head” and more “desirable” skills :)…

Here in London the weather is not as hot as it was in Portugal, I still remember his wet car seat and how I had to learn some tricks to keep my son fresh and comfortable. One of most important strategies to keep him fresh is to choose the right footwear and clothing.  Normally this means as natural as possible: wool, cotton, silk or bamboo fabrics, but not always and it’s proven by ergo baby! We had a carrier made from 100% polyester and we were super happy with it (the father adds: that was very much due to the 3D mesh they use)!

Other things we can’t survive without:


Sterntaler or Pickapooh: both are super cool producers of hats and allrounders. First I found Pickapooh and bought a sun hat that protects from UV and has an excellent sun protection for eyes, face, ears and neck. And it was super duper hat that we used all 6 months in Portugal. After it I got one Sterntaler hat from a friend and I fell in love with it! It also had UV protection and it was from Pure Colour collection so it had a strong basic colour that can save your kid when he gets is lost in shopping – yes, it happened to me, I lost Markus during my shopping and the colour helped my to spot him much faster. And in the winter time I came back to Pickapooh and bought helmet. And even if Portuguese winters are not so cold, still this helmet saved our lives because of the rain. It was made from natural wool so it kept balanced temperature next to Markus head and he was protected from the wind as well.

In terms of quality and design there is no big difference between Sterntaler and Pickapooh products so it depends on what you are looking for, budget and probably which one of them you have closer to your living place.

Ahh.. I almost forgot that we had one of Engel hat too. It was when we moved to London and I found out that is super warm and comfortable hat! So I recommend it also!


While we were living in Portugal we were dealing with Markus and his super powers to be sweating and wet all the time. For this there was only one solution – MERINO WOOL. It was the times when we used only two colours because of Green-Rose, it’s a small company in Lithuania and they have weird way of visual communication (colours and even fabrics are different on their page then in reality and they also have different assortment in the shop and online) and I never understood the way how they take pictures of their products in a way that you just can´t see (black skirt in a black background). But still, each time when I go to Lithuania I go straight to the Green-Rose shop to buy wool trousers for Markus (all the time the same colours :) because they are light and regulates his body temperature and price is affordable! Even now when we live in London and Markus is sweating less he is using trousers at home and pyjama at night that are made from bamboo and cotton. The quality of pyjama is not the best because it ages very fast but it keeps my son warm when he kicks his blanket away and cools him down when he is covering himself too much.

Ruskovilla – is other brand that I’m happy to share. My english is just to poor to express how we were lucky to try bodysuit of this brand. I just cannot dream about anything better. Must have!!!


I found super comfortable socks that Markus is using all the time since we are in London. Again is a German company named Hirsch Natur. We have 3 pairs of thin knit socks and 1 pair of medium knit that we use as home shoes. It s completely enough because I don´t need to wash them each day. It s natural wool so during the night socks are resting and next morning they are ready for long walks with Markus! Best thing for sweaty feet and for London weather as well.


When Markus started to walk we needed more then socks but still not a heavy shoes and definitely something fresh because of the Portuguese weather… It took time to find something that made me happy. But I found it :) Pediped Original… They are super flexible and protecting the feet but are not to heavy! They have super cool sales all over the year and no worries that is USA, they are sending from nearest shop so it’s no extra costs for European customers. Of course later we needed more than one pair especially that our Markus is walking a lot and destroying shoes as his mother, so we are alternating with Clarks shoes and with sandals with wool socks, he loves it. Next thing we will try will be Pediped’s Flex Adventure sandals!


We like to go outside and be not affected by weather, so we bought rain clothes for Markus, but hmmm… It was the last time I saved on Markus outfit :) because I chose less expensive and I’m a bit disappointed with our Regatta rain suit, because after 1 hour of walk in the rain Markus was wet. My friend said to try Reima products because all her 4 children are growing with them!

I think for know it s all..if one day I will remember something I will add 😉


We started moving

We are on the move to London. The next weeks will be crazy for The Walkabout Family!

We left the house in Portugal, now we came to Vilnius to spend some time with Terese’s family, after I’m still going some days to Portugal for Sonópolis and then we meet in London!

Yesterday we spent almost all day in roads, airplanes and airports and it was really cool to see Markus’ new insterests. Just one month ago we was flying to Cabo Verde and he didn’t seem so interested in the details like this time.

Lithuanian Act of Independence

On February 16th, 1918, Lithuania proclaimed it’s restoration as an independent state. It was the Act of February 16!

Council of Lithuania - Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus (National Museum of Lithuania)
Council of Lithuania – Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus (National Museum of Lithuania)

This has been a very important date for Lithuania and The Walkabout Family had to join the celebration.

Cultural Dialogue is a part of our work, we aim at bringing cultures together through art and culture and a moment like this one is a mark on the history of a country that is worth to know.


Some thoughts on our 3 moments of work while in Lithuania for Christmas.

When we decided to go spend Christmas in Lithuania we knew we would enjoy our experiences in that period. But we could never have guessed it would be so amazing times!


A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!
A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!

The Center for Attachement Parenting is a place to reflect about closer parenting and they organize activities for families. They was interested in hosting a Didgeridoo Making Workshop for families. In that rainy day we had only one family and one music teacher so we all agreed in making a softer workshop, so I was sharing how to make didgeridoos from toilet paper rolls as well as some basics on didgeridoo playing. The kids (Markus and D.) was having fun around us. It was a soft and nice morning in a place worth to know!


One moment from the concert.
One moment from the concert.

The very first institution that booked something with us this time. This school in Siauliai is an example of a different approach to education. There were 150 students in the room with high levels of interest and participation all through the presentation. In the end we had a meeting as we are planing something for the future, but about that we will speak again in some months…


More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/
More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/

Rodrigo was sharing a talk about his bullying experience and how he went over it at TEDxKids@Vilnius. In this fantastic event we was all sharing ideas about the education of the future and it was extremely exciting and motivating. After the tragic disappearing of Tomas Dobrovolskis, The Walkabout Family offered to guarantee that the kids participating in the event wouldn’t loose the music workshop. The workshop happened in the end of the day and everyone was quite tired: kids, volunteers, Rodrigo, organization. In the performance the kids was just amazing!

More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/
More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/

It is always a pleasure to work with the didgeridoo in Lithuania! We look forward for next visit. Labai aciu!

UPDATE: The videos from TEDxKids@Vilnius are already available!

5 Lithuanian winter things you won’t typically find in portuguese winter

Good to wake up with a image like this!
Good to wake up with a image like this!

Today we experienced -19ºC. For Terese it’s nothing new, it is for Markus and for me! Lithuanian people ask me a lot if it’s too cold for me. I tend to prefer the winter here than in Portugal: it’s drier and you know that inside it will be warm (in opposition to Portugal where most of the homes are cold in winter because of weak thermal insulation).

In a cold day like this, here goes 5 things you won’t typically find in winter in Portugal! For lithuanian people and other snowy countries these things may be common but not for most portuguese people so here it goes…

1 – Kids cleaning the school atrium
Kids cleaning the snow in the atrium of school with great fun!
Kids cleaning the snow in the atrium of school with great fun!

Ain’t something you’ll see a lot in portuguese schools: kids participating in the cleaning of the school. As far as I could investigate, these activities normally happen in social hours for the class. The fact is that these kids were having a blast playing with the snow while they was cleaning the stairs of their school.

2 – Choose your favorite sidewalk
Can you recognize the two options?
Can you recognize the two options?

This is a regular sidewalk in days without snow. When snow falls during the night it is soft so many people will follow the same track. Then the snow becomes pressed and slippery so some people start using the unstepped part of the snow. I’m one of those for two reasons: slippery boots and mostly the amazing sound of snow pressing under our feet!

3 – Exercise before driving

When you find your car in this condition you know you must work...
When you find your car in this condition you know you must work…

This was not our car, just an example. A good example! When you find your car in this condition you know you will have to workout before you can drive. Below the snow you’ll have ice in the glasses to make it more fun!


4 – Spike tyres
Do you have spikes on your tyres?
Do you have spikes on your tyres?

This sticker means the driver has put his spike tyres and he is ready for snow and ice on the road. To me it means an extra thing: a very cool sound when these cars pass by you on the street. For the country it means some extra road and asphalt deterioration and some extra security. In Lithuania spike tyres are not mandatory but allowed for some months.

5 – Cold on the outside, warm on the inside
All the buildings are warmed so the snow is not so piling up near the facade.
All the buildings are warmed so the snow is not so piling up near the facade.

Most of northern european emigrants in Portugal that I have met until today said that they thought Portugal was a warm country until they had to spend one winter there… That’s when they found out that most houses have glazed ceramics floors, not central heating, humidity and weak thermal insulation. In Lithuania such things would be totally unacceptable so all the buildings have heating. I noticed that the snow tends to build up less near the building and I think it has to do with the fact that next to the wall it’s warmer.

Those are my observations, a portuguese spending some time in Lithuania in winter.  I think that in countries where the weather conditions are more severe people tend to join efforts in fighting those conditions and that somehow creates a bigger sense of community, but again, just my observation.

Which other things can you find in Lithuania in winter that you woudln’t find in Portugal?

Terese speaks about Christmas traditions in Portugal

A image of a portuguese Christmas table
Portuguese Christmas traditions by lithuanian emigrants in Portugal

Terese was invited to be part of a group of lithuanian emigrants living in Portugal to contribute for an article about the portuguese Christmas traditions.

If you can read lithuanian than you can have some insights on what is to experience such a celebration in Portugal!

Lithuania, here we come again!

LithuaniaThis year we are coming to Lithuania for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Markus’s birthday. It is a family travel as we wish to spend these moments with the maternal grandparents.

But Family, Travels and Work is our motto and therefore we couldn’t resist this opportunity to take our activities to the lithuanian youth. In the past we had some really nice experiences as the didgeridoo scene in Lithuania is still in a early stage of development and many people are very interested in it.

For now have a presentation booked in a school in Šiauliai.

More are being worked out and we will publish it here as soon as we have dates. If you are interested in hosting any of our activities in your school, kindergarten, event or institution,  feel free to contact us!