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2017! 2017…

It s almost 1 month now that we changed the 6 into a 7 and I am still thinking how big and powerful was the number “2016” for us.

Each time when I write about new years I go to read my posts from the previous year.
Were we challenged enough during last year? YES
Did we work it out as best as we could? YES
Would I change anything? No!
It was a hard year but I think we learned good lessons from it as couple and family. And we had beautiful moments and projects.
Now, we are facing a challenge that has been in our heads for some time. What comes next? Where are we going after the course? Do we stay in London?
So it seems that the number 7 will bring us new life, new experiences. Let’s see where we will meet number 8!
Until then we would like to share some moments from 2016!



Recipe for a romantic family Easter.

You will need:

  • 1 Husband or something similar,
  • Kid or kids (depends if you like more bitter or more acid taste),
  • Place to stay.

For decoration:
Food, drinks, light, time… basically things that you have around you.

Wake up and enjoy your romantic family easter.

Some things I didn’t tell you…

Lately I’m so busy with my career as a Mother and with my students to whom I’m teaching arts that I completely forgot to share with you some nice moments from our last travel to Vilnius.

Yes, it was super short but still it was opportunity to see my parents and my siblings.

Also Rodrigo had two concerts at Karalienės Mortos mokykla, a school that has been innovating a lot in terms of education and how they work with their kids. Both concerts were full of engaged students quite curious to learn more about the didgeridoo.

He also met Ūdros Vaikai, a duo that uses the mouth harp as their main instrument, blending it with poetry and other instruments. They devised some music together to present it in a unique concert and we do hope to collaborate more in the future.

Some new things that I learnt from last journey to Vilnius:

1. In the plane, as a 2 year old, Markus doesn’t receive life jacket but also being such a small kid he still can’t fit in an adult jacket.  The same with the belts… is it only me who thinks about having a “medium size” or something like that ;-)? It would be suitable for older than 2 years old kids but younger than 10 years. Or maybe it could be regulated by kilos and high of kid… lets say if you are bigger then 1.5m then you get adult size, if smaller you would use “medium size” …..

2. I can’t make happy all my family and friends… It’s just impossible!! So I learnt that best way to see all or at lease those who are available it s my husband’s concerts! !!

3. It s super nice to see how my kid is adapting to new places and people! Let’s do it again!!!

Check the pictures from our travel on the gallery above the text!

Pictures by Tomas Martasi and others.

How is it to live with an Art Tutor and a Postgrad Student?

Some more details of life in London with The Walkabout Family

Last week started with some good news: I now have some students to work with! I’m very excited to start my career as an art tutor in London. And please wish me luck because it has already been some time that I wasn´t working, so I do need support to feel self-confidence!

During the week Markus had the experience of trying chalk eggs and make some drawing in the bathroom and outside! I was in love with those eggs!! They are comfortable to grab and to use for toddlers, also the funny shape makes all the process more entertaining.

We had lovely visit from Portugal! and Markus had opportunity to see his grandfather from Porto.

In the end Rodrigo had a didgeridoo moment in Musical Beacons by Sound Castle. He was invited to share some secrets of the didgeridoo with some nice families in the center. For Rodrigo it was an opportunity to get back to what he loves to do with the didgeridoo and families and also to get to meet more people involved in the same kind of work.

Before Easter, Easter and after Easter!

Before Easter.
We were busy sorting our things, treasures and objects that we would like to keep but we also enjoy to “release” and make someone else happy as we were when we had those things! We are starting our new journey and allowing that new path to bring new things that we will be collecting… and maybe.. who knows? Maybe after some years we will be giving them also 😉

All what we have to give/sell you can find here. Keep in mind that all money that we will collect from them we will spend on our preparation for London!

Last days Rodrigo was working 24 hours per day and that made him stay in bed for all easter period (don’t worry now he is much better)… so our Easter was small picnic in the Famalicão park with 2+1 Easter’s eggs! But I was lucky enough to have Rodrigo at home so I could give time to myself to my new passion and make 3 new pants for Markus!

Pants patterns I took from Dana made it. You can see on the pictures above how it looks on Markus.

After Easter.
Rodrigo is again on track and adding more stuff for new owners 😉 I am in deep sickness for sewing (here is my new victim from Max California) and Markus is rising his new teeth and messing up with everything in the house!

We still have 10 days to stay in Famalicão and so many things to finish!!! A bit panic but still happy and excited to move on!

Wish us luck, we deserve it!!!

Happy Easter!!! And hard eggs!

5 things to do in Zoo with toddler!

Our Markus loves animals…so we went to Zoo! And here are some lessons we learned:

1.Plan less!

We have a book with drawings of animals that Markus loves. He loves the images but he also loves the sounds and movements we make when we read it with him. Rodrigo brought the book to the Zoo with the expectation that we could show him the real animals that were on the pages. Almost all his favorites (lion, tiger, seal – basically the ones that makes us do funniest sounds) was missing, sleeping or hiding! Just go and make yourself available. Don’t think that you will see your kid looking face to face with the tiger on the other side of the window, instead get ready to spend one hour exploring the first square meter of road of the place!

2. Use your senses!

Make the noise like the animals do!!! Your toddler will love it and it will be a nice exercise for you not to be ashamed in front of other people.
Also speak about smells that you and your kid feel. Is it poo? Flowers?
Don’t forget the sounds: all those birds, monkeys… just be like sponge and take all information. Because your toddler is small and doesn’t have patience to see all animals, you can perfectly spend very interesting moments in those meters around you before your kid get tired.

3. Can´t find the animal? Enjoy the picture!

If it is koala and your kid can’t see it between all those eucalyptus but you still would like him to know how koala looks then you just show the picture to your kid. Usually you have description and image of animal next to his living place for people to understand what they see or what to look for :)… sometimes Markus was even more curious about those descriptions then about the real animal :)

4. Enjoy all environment!

If you toddler doesn’t look very passionate about the animals… don’t worry! He will find some flowers, herbs, stones…. that make him feel like a real adventurer! Let him play with what he feels like, don’t push him to see the flamingos, maybe he likes more pigeons :)

5. Do it slow!

Anything that you decided to do, you need to do it on your toddler’s speed! Enjoy your time with your kid and don’t worry that you not gonna see elephants or that panda is sleeping now or lion is laying far from you and you can’t show to your toddler how beautiful looks tiger… if it s time to eat – feed your toddler. Toilet?? Change as many diaper as your toddler need… even if after all you and your small human being saw only giraffe and half of monkey (another half was somewhere between bushes), even then your toddler had perfect day with person that he loves most and had new experiences to develop his skills!

+ see some pictures from performance of Rodrigo and Rui!!!