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Misá Kouassi

Meet Misá… Our host and partner in our visit to Cabo Verde!Misá Kouassi

Misá is a painter, sculptress and poetess from Cabo Verde that strives for a cultural bridge between Africa and Europe.

She has been using art to work on the uplift of impoverished and neglected community in Cape Verde called the Rebelados.  Through her work and influence the community started art-based businesses and other community improvement projects. Misá is also working at the village Porto Madeira where the aim is to create a more sustainable and developed village through the organization of artistic residencies.

Community work with Misá
Community work with Misá

This worldwide prized artist was a partner with us from the first email we sent to her. The idea of bringing the didgeridoo to the communities of Rebelados and Porto Madeira for concerts and community workshops was very well received and we believe we couldn’t have found a better connection in Cabo Verde for our work.

Thank you for your enthusiasm Misá!

TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde is supported by Fundação GDA

GDA preto

TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde

An old dream came true! We are going to visit Cabo Verde and work with the didgeridoo from April 23rd to May 4th.

This has been an old dream by Terese and Rodrigo and it was made possible thanks to the partnership with Misá Kouassi, a plastic artist from Cabo Verde and the support of GDA – Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas, Intérpretes ou Executantes.GDA preto

GDA opened their call for papers for a program that supports touring expenses and immediately we thought about Cabo Verde as a possibility for a project. We’ve been wanting to visit Cabo Verde for a long time but never had a match with a partner on site. Following some suggestions from some friends we established contact with Misá and the so wanted match happened!

Misá KouassiMisá is a plastic artist and cultural activist from Cabo Verde that has been working to empower through art the communities of Porto Madeira and Rabelados. As soon as we proposed our ideas for Cabo Verde she joined the project wholeheartedly.

The project TAKAS – Road to Cabo Verde will be coordinated by the association ABI-DJAN Associação para Benificiência Intercultural – Dinamismo dos Jovens Artistas pelas Nações.

We are going to spend 14 days in Santiago and present TAKAS, the concert, followed by a community workshop around the didgeridoo and the creation of a performance that these communities can promote and sell in the future.

Porto MadeiraWe just got our tickets and we are starting to promote the project so everything is very new for all of us. We are looking for other partners to join this adventure  and we will be updating the blog with more news and details.