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The spring is coming to an end and we are making our reflection for this period of the year.

finishing his year at the school: starting to have new look of his place and role at the course.

becoming stronger as a father and a husband and being a good inspiration for his wife.

in general, you should see Rodrigo!! you wouldn´t recognise him! he become much more responsible, reliable and attentive person.

learnt that to be mother is a job and hard one. She was studying how to draw more than 6 years, but unfortunately she received no manual on how to be responsible for other person

understood that, if she wants to be good mother and inspire her husband, she needs to express herself as person.

has been a source of energy and strength for Rodrigo.
is super multi tasking, learning everything at any time!

So, lets reflect about our life more than once (not only in New Year´s Eve) to grow our relationships with ourselves and as family.


In the last days the weather has been very nice and warm. When Markus and I have “Father’s out” days we try to be more occupied so time passes faster and father comes faster home :)

In the beginning of the week Markus had his experience with his new childminder. It was the second time that he stayed without me or Rodrigo. The first time Markus was without the parents when my friend Gabija stayed with him for 3 hours some weeks ago… and, for our big surprise, he was more than perfect! We went out saying that we were going to work (we just don’t agree with hiding or disappearing from the place without explaining to him what is happening but also we do not need to make long good byes) and went to dress to get out, Markus even came to the corridor to say good-bye and kiss us.

But with childminder it was different… maybe because there were more kids around or because it was a new place. In the beginning everything looked quite not bad and I went out but when I came back to take him, the childminder told me that each time some parents would come to pick other kids Markus was crying and he also cried when I came :), of course I know he needs time to adapt, but some thing tells me that maybe I can find better place for him, not exactly better but more fitting his personality and our family’s view of education.

But still that “working mom” experience was perfect!!! Now I know how hard it is or maybe I’m so used to my own mom’s position that I forgot how I can improve my “momish” skills :), and on that day I did!!! I woke up at 7am, Markus and I did all normal morning duties as shopping, cleaning, breakfast, morning walk and nappies washing. Markus had his lunch sleep, or as I call it his “beauty sleep”, while I was working on computer and then after lunch I brought him to childminder, left him, caught the bus and went to my student’s house, gave the lesson, came back and had rest of afternoon duties that normally takes 5 hours of afternoon but I did in 1.30hour!!!! And I felt great! No stress at all, just tired :) but I can get used to it!

So, after that childminder experience I thought to give something nice to my son and go for museum, Childhood or Natural History, I couldn´t decide. And I didn´t have to because on Friday Markus got a cold and after it was me :)…

Museum Vs Bed… BED!!! With blankets, warm cup of tea and best family in the world THE WALKABOUT FAMILY!!!

London: 5 Challenges!

  • Hello every one!!!

    It has been some time since we wrote something here and the reason is simple: we have been completely occupied with all the new experiences in London.

    I would like to share some of them but I couldn´t decide which ones, so i made some topics for each member of the family!

5 Rodrigo‘s challenges:
5 Terese´s challenges:

5 Markus´s challenges:

  • ride bicycle with the father,
  • go to Barbican for concerts and library activities,
  • adapt to new parents madness moments,
  • learn english,
  • get use to rainy weather.

More challenges just to come!!!

I so love Porto!.. Or pigeons, traffic lights and buses.

We are leaving Famalicão and moving more to the north of Portugal (and that will be next  weekend!) so probably our trips to Porto won´t be often… so I thought to go for a visit… my Porto.. city that 5 (???????? … time flies) years ago I fell in love.. and it was only because of that love I came back to Portugal for Evs and stayed for longer… got married and all rest that you know 😉

First of all…
This post should be called “5 things I love in Porto”… but… My life doesn’t belong to me anymore… I have 2 handsoms guys that I can’t stop thinking about… so when I went to Porto to do my 5 best things.. I understood that they not making me happy any more ;)… what is more important for me now is if Markus is comfortable and where I can have coffee with Rodrigo… nothing more 😉 if those two guys are happy I am also happy!

So pigeons, dogs, traffic lights and etc…

here is it! green light...
here is it! green light…

I am trying to teach Markus to cross streets only on crosswalks, so on the small Porto streets we were the only ones who were waiting for green light 😉

dogs of Porto
dogs of Porto

Animals: dogs, pigeons, cats… all of them were counted and observed!

Thank you Markus for making me see Porto from another angle 😉

Tourists, Santa Catarina and juice…

TOURISTS ... a lot of them...
TOURISTS … a lot of them…

Besides “Porto of Markus” I still had piece of “Terese´s Porto” :) because from train station (São Bento) we went to Ponte D. Luís… ok.. in the beginning I was still excited about how to show everything to Markus but since I understood that for him is more interesting pigeons then azulejos Eduardo Leite on capela Santa Catarina, everything became much easier;)

So after watching buses passing by and traffic lights we went to Ponte D. Luís. .. and came back… it was sooo many tourist s that we couldn’t step on bridge… Porto changed a lot in the last years… city became more fancy with a lot of tourists and started to lose his charm…

Santa Catarina...
Santa Catarina…

We stopped by Santa Catarina… it was the first thing I saw when I came to Porto. And still makes me shake and remainds me that small girl coming up from metro with huge backpack and extra two bags… coming without knowing why and where… and that’s why I gave coin to blind guy even if I´m never doing that.


We stop to see buses in Bolhão bus stop… from where I was coming home after my classes in ESMAE. I learned a lot from that place ;)… that buses stop only when you make sign with the hand, that you enter from front and go out from back, that you wait and stay on line (and I learned a lot while I was waiting)… that exist shops only for baptism…

Juice juice!!! And juices!!!


Itaipu…. a place that Rodrigo brought me once .. even I don’t know why he did that but I don’t care! Friendship, dating time, pregnancy, even Markus is growing in Itaipu 😉 ….Not much more to say, we just love that place

So… I still love Porto even if my heart belongs to two small portuguese and that the face of the city changed a lot since I saw it for the first time 😉

5 things to do in Zoo with toddler!

Our Markus loves animals…so we went to Zoo! And here are some lessons we learned:

1.Plan less!

We have a book with drawings of animals that Markus loves. He loves the images but he also loves the sounds and movements we make when we read it with him. Rodrigo brought the book to the Zoo with the expectation that we could show him the real animals that were on the pages. Almost all his favorites (lion, tiger, seal – basically the ones that makes us do funniest sounds) was missing, sleeping or hiding! Just go and make yourself available. Don’t think that you will see your kid looking face to face with the tiger on the other side of the window, instead get ready to spend one hour exploring the first square meter of road of the place!

2. Use your senses!

Make the noise like the animals do!!! Your toddler will love it and it will be a nice exercise for you not to be ashamed in front of other people.
Also speak about smells that you and your kid feel. Is it poo? Flowers?
Don’t forget the sounds: all those birds, monkeys… just be like sponge and take all information. Because your toddler is small and doesn’t have patience to see all animals, you can perfectly spend very interesting moments in those meters around you before your kid get tired.

3. Can´t find the animal? Enjoy the picture!

If it is koala and your kid can’t see it between all those eucalyptus but you still would like him to know how koala looks then you just show the picture to your kid. Usually you have description and image of animal next to his living place for people to understand what they see or what to look for :)… sometimes Markus was even more curious about those descriptions then about the real animal :)

4. Enjoy all environment!

If you toddler doesn’t look very passionate about the animals… don’t worry! He will find some flowers, herbs, stones…. that make him feel like a real adventurer! Let him play with what he feels like, don’t push him to see the flamingos, maybe he likes more pigeons :)

5. Do it slow!

Anything that you decided to do, you need to do it on your toddler’s speed! Enjoy your time with your kid and don’t worry that you not gonna see elephants or that panda is sleeping now or lion is laying far from you and you can’t show to your toddler how beautiful looks tiger… if it s time to eat – feed your toddler. Toilet?? Change as many diaper as your toddler need… even if after all you and your small human being saw only giraffe and half of monkey (another half was somewhere between bushes), even then your toddler had perfect day with person that he loves most and had new experiences to develop his skills!

+ see some pictures from performance of Rodrigo and Rui!!!


So… here is it… last session of Artiva-te!

Nice warm spring is coming to Portugal and to Gondifelos also, our kids are ready to sweat not because is hot outside but because they are working with all power!!!

We continued “ideia fixe” marathon and now was Daniel´s time to share with us his idea. After that we had our warm up exercises and Cláudia introduced Nicolae from Romania, he is doing EVS – European Voluntary Service in YUPI, and arrived less than one month ago to Famalicão. And is already participating in some Yupi projects.

Then we separated in our A and B groups like last time and:

A. Received examples of project presentations: The Walkabout Family´s activities and the concert The World of Didgeridoo and concert “Takas”. They worked to understand how to read those kid of documents and how to write proposal for possible client. As a final exercise the made an email template for the contact with the clients that they can use in the future.

B. Worked on performance that should be presented to possible client.

After all groups presented what they did to each other and they got some advice from YUPI and The Walkabout Family. And also from Nicolae that said he felt the session as a very dynamic one. He compared it to engineering: you have the people, the means, the resources, what counts is what comes out of the mixture.

We think this is a very nice image for Artiva-te!

And even though with this session we finished our year in Gondifelos we till will be available to receive questions from kids and help them if they need.

Go, Artiva-te, Go, Go, Daniel, Alex, Adriana, Maria and Maria, Luís, Ruben and rest of you that didn’t finished with us today!

Ok, last sentence sounds like goodbye song 😉 but still we will see them next week on preparation for the youth exchange week organized by YUPI. And during that week we will visit them for sure and will make some magic sounds!!!

Like Markus like to say: Até até!


Our Artiva-te session started with “special idea” from Luís.

It´s a short and funny game:in a circle, one element of the group gets blindfolded in the center, then someone goes out of the circle. The element in the center must guess who went out just by touching the hands of the remaining elements. Because after some moments the blindfolded element tends to only identify the remaining elements and forget to name the missing elements, this game shows us why it´s important to not forget the main point of the challenge.  And it is so easy to forget even small “mission” in the daily life.

After warming up exercises we made something new: we was working on the steps of the process of creating, producing, presenting and following up a show. We created a list of those steps and asked the kids to reflect on each of them and to think to which of these parts they belong. The point was to help them memorize the steps to keep creating and presenting their shows.

And for the end of the session we split in two groups to work and prepare: A. Performance B. Production.

A. Luís, Maria, Maria and Adriana created DidgeGirls.
B. Daniel and Alex with Rodrigo went to speak about producing the show.

After all we had:

A. For Luís is still difficult to lead: if in the beginning he sees the idea of performance, in the end he tends to lose energy and main point of performance. So with help of our super active Maria :) he cloud prepare short but cute show. Thank you DidgeGirls!

B. With Alex’s energy and brains of Daniel we could produce performances like professionals :) shame that we discovered that only now when we are finishing the project. But is better later than never! Who knows maybe they will use new skills that they found out now or maybe we will be needing them in our future projects!? Who knows. ..


This week we didn’t have session because it was Carnival holiday. But the session before that one was one of the best we had so far!!!

Start didn’t promise nothing special: kids were late and totally out of focus…

But after short meeting about last sessions and future plans we went for warm up exercises and had nice surprise: our “old” student from last year group came to visit as and say hello to the friends of Artiva-te. It  was really nice gesture, thank you, Diogo!

Then we had 40min untill the end so started team work and leadership exercises based on music. It was some of the most productive and intensive moments in our sessions.

Bye, bye, dear BUG!!!

Sunday was the day that we said goodbye to our friend BUG…

We had that car not more then one year and a half but we had some really nice and hard moments with it 😉

We learnt how to pack father’s, mother’s and kid’s stuff, stroller, didgeridoos and other instruments in that small trunk, we could fit all (2 adults + kid + car chair) on back seats and change diapers of Markus! And do it in hot weather and in cold season :)… We could go from front seats to back seats without going out from car! We learnt how to protect Markus from sun!!!

And much more things that wasn’t told because it’s to intimate for internet 😉

Thanks/obrigado/aciu BUG that you was with us all this time!!!

TUESDAY: toys day!

Home made fireworks!!!

Last time I shared about Markus first drawings/writings, today I want to tell you the  secret of how we convince him to wash his nose :)

Winter in Portugal is quite cold period, specially because most houses don’t have central heating. So we heat our home with gas and oil heaters but still our noses are sometimes a bit running because of cold.

This time Markus nose was so stuck that we needed to wash it with physiological saline.  It’s not his favorite activity and I guess that no kids like it!!!

So we did home-made fireworks to convince him to lay and make him happy after procedure.

It’s a very simple toy!
1.You just need tube of kitchen paper or any kind of tube that you can find at home! (We are really lucky that our father collects rolls for his workshops, so we have big collection and can use it when we want ).

2. A bit of toilet paper or any kind of paper that is easy to rip and light enough to fly.

3. Put strips of paper on one side and blow through another side of tube!..

And now you have paper flying everywhere and happy kid!!

Enjoy and see you next time when I will show the book of numbers that I started for Markus!