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Some things I didn’t tell you…

Lately I’m so busy with my career as a Mother and with my students to whom I’m teaching arts that I completely forgot to share with you some nice moments from our last travel to Vilnius.

Yes, it was super short but still it was opportunity to see my parents and my siblings.

Also Rodrigo had two concerts at Karalienės Mortos mokykla, a school that has been innovating a lot in terms of education and how they work with their kids. Both concerts were full of engaged students quite curious to learn more about the didgeridoo.

He also met Ūdros Vaikai, a duo that uses the mouth harp as their main instrument, blending it with poetry and other instruments. They devised some music together to present it in a unique concert and we do hope to collaborate more in the future.

Some new things that I learnt from last journey to Vilnius:

1. In the plane, as a 2 year old, Markus doesn’t receive life jacket but also being such a small kid he still can’t fit in an adult jacket.  The same with the belts… is it only me who thinks about having a “medium size” or something like that ;-)? It would be suitable for older than 2 years old kids but younger than 10 years. Or maybe it could be regulated by kilos and high of kid… lets say if you are bigger then 1.5m then you get adult size, if smaller you would use “medium size” …..

2. I can’t make happy all my family and friends… It’s just impossible!! So I learnt that best way to see all or at lease those who are available it s my husband’s concerts! !!

3. It s super nice to see how my kid is adapting to new places and people! Let’s do it again!!!

Check the pictures from our travel on the gallery above the text!

Pictures by Tomas Martasi and others.


I hope everyone started the new year with new challenges as we did 😉

First. Rodrigo started his second term at Guildhall had super duper busy week: two days working with one of his tutors and with the electronic music and jazz departments, and the rest of days working intensively with Sam Mumford on the reflection around the Artistic Practice.

Second. We had a super nice visit from Vilnius. My sister and brother came to visit us in London and spend londonish weekend with us.

Third. Markus is now 2 years old 😉 and basically this post should be about it because he is growing and we have new challenges to deal with. And lately he is challenging us and testing our patience ;). So I would like to share some things that help me when I have hard moments with him:

1. Screaming doesn’t helps – if I will scream, the kid will scream also. He will imitate you because he learns from you.

2. Speak clearly and try to explain the situation by playing – for example Markus doesn’t want to stay with his childminder. Before we go I play with him this game with his animals: the giraffe is childminder, the horse is Markus, the rooster is me. We play with those animals how horse comes with rooster to the giraffe’s house. Rooster goes to work and horse stays with giraffe. And it works!!! After 30 min of playing, Markus packs his things to go to childminder.

3. Give time for your kid to understand the situation. I prefer to explain 10000 times the same sentence then scream on him once.  Also I learnt to go out earlier from house so I will get on time in case something interesting appears on the road 😉

4. Use “no” as little as possible and if it’s impossible to avoid it then explain why, again as many times as needed.

I think it’s enough topics. .. it s only 4 but sometimes it can be really hard to use them during the day… at least for me 😉

And my new challenge is coming….


Do you have advice?? I will make my research. ..

We started moving

We are on the move to London. The next weeks will be crazy for The Walkabout Family!

We left the house in Portugal, now we came to Vilnius to spend some time with Terese’s family, after I’m still going some days to Portugal for Sonópolis and then we meet in London!

Yesterday we spent almost all day in roads, airplanes and airports and it was really cool to see Markus’ new insterests. Just one month ago we was flying to Cabo Verde and he didn’t seem so interested in the details like this time.


Some thoughts on our 3 moments of work while in Lithuania for Christmas.

When we decided to go spend Christmas in Lithuania we knew we would enjoy our experiences in that period. But we could never have guessed it would be so amazing times!


A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!
A relaxed didgeridoo workshop with a tipi!

The Center for Attachement Parenting is a place to reflect about closer parenting and they organize activities for families. They was interested in hosting a Didgeridoo Making Workshop for families. In that rainy day we had only one family and one music teacher so we all agreed in making a softer workshop, so I was sharing how to make didgeridoos from toilet paper rolls as well as some basics on didgeridoo playing. The kids (Markus and D.) was having fun around us. It was a soft and nice morning in a place worth to know!


One moment from the concert.
One moment from the concert.

The very first institution that booked something with us this time. This school in Siauliai is an example of a different approach to education. There were 150 students in the room with high levels of interest and participation all through the presentation. In the end we had a meeting as we are planing something for the future, but about that we will speak again in some months…


More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/
More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/

Rodrigo was sharing a talk about his bullying experience and how he went over it at TEDxKids@Vilnius. In this fantastic event we was all sharing ideas about the education of the future and it was extremely exciting and motivating. After the tragic disappearing of Tomas Dobrovolskis, The Walkabout Family offered to guarantee that the kids participating in the event wouldn’t loose the music workshop. The workshop happened in the end of the day and everyone was quite tired: kids, volunteers, Rodrigo, organization. In the performance the kids was just amazing!

More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/
More images @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxvilnius/

It is always a pleasure to work with the didgeridoo in Lithuania! We look forward for next visit. Labai aciu!

UPDATE: The videos from TEDxKids@Vilnius are already available!

Flights to Lithuania

A small story of a day full of discoveries for a 11 month old baby. From Oporto to Vilnius in 11 hours…

In June we came to Lithuania with Markus and he was only 6 months old so the travel experience was not very interesting from his point of view.  We was curious how this new pair of flights would be now.

Curiosity and exploration were the words for the day. He loves to walk around and explore so each time he could walk we would be making kilometers… Our hand luggage was ready with diapers, some food and all the rest of space was for small favorite toys to help to pass the time, a trick we learned from another traveling family’s blog.

The Walkabout Family's hand luggage.
The Walkabout Family’s hand luggage.

The first flight was very easy: we had the three seats for us and Markus fell asleep as soon as we took flight! When he woke up, he started exploring the surroundings and he found a new passion in the back cover of the inflight magazine: Julia Roberts smiling at him!

Then we had four hours in Frankfurt and we had time to rest and walk around exploring and just before the next flight Markus discovered the pleasure of toasted portuguese Christmas cake Bolo Rei.

The last flight was harder: it was quite hot and our man was tired and without patience, the only trick that worked was to be patient with him and wait that he gets tired to fall asleep, not even Julia Roberts was interesting anymore.

When we arrived we didn’t find any snow but Markus was happy to meet his grandparents!

Lithuania, here we come again!

LithuaniaThis year we are coming to Lithuania for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Markus’s birthday. It is a family travel as we wish to spend these moments with the maternal grandparents.

But Family, Travels and Work is our motto and therefore we couldn’t resist this opportunity to take our activities to the lithuanian youth. In the past we had some really nice experiences as the didgeridoo scene in Lithuania is still in a early stage of development and many people are very interested in it.

For now have a presentation booked in a school in Šiauliai.

More are being worked out and we will publish it here as soon as we have dates. If you are interested in hosting any of our activities in your school, kindergarten, event or institution,  feel free to contact us!