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Now it’s time to tell you about our performance in Centro Social das Lameiras, an institution that has some very nice social services and answers. It was our “closing” performance for the Christmas period… It was the last one this year :)

It was very a cute environment :)… first some Christmas songs and then: most beautiful, cutest and loveliest kids ever :)… they all performed in them way… from small to big. I think old people was enjoying a lot those honest creations :)
After small ones, came time to show off for residents of house! Elders choose very famous portuguese band Xutos e Pontapés and made noisy rock performance!!!I´m sure some of them was thinking “We are still alive and we can rock!” And it’s very beautiful….

After all, came Lameira’s round! Girls showed what they can do best: DANCE! “Cigana” and “Senhora” were dances that girls were performing and those dances were created by them with small help of Bruna, (social worker of Lameiras) from PASEC.
And then it was time for more noise!!! Our didgeridoo players went up on stage.
On my opinion, the performance in Casa das Artes last Saturday went better than this one, but still we are in progress!
Merry Christmas says Lameiras!