TAKAS – the concert

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Teresė and Rodrigo are going on their road, together but distinctly. Their travel is supported on different mediums and materials that complement each other.

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis was a lithuanian visual artist and composer from the beginning of the twentiethcentury that was ahead of his time and left a strong mark in lithuanian culture.

Terese is searching for Čiurlionis’s signs around the world and recording them in different materials. Her work aims to show that even if Čiurlionis was living in Lithuania and Poland, his conception of life is present in several places: could have Čiurlionis travel the world and leave his mark in the places he visited, was he expressing something that is present in all the cultures?

The relationship between the paintings of Čiurlionis and the music of Rodrigo highly inspired by those works might be another sign of Teresė’s research.

Čiurlionis Fugue 1908

This is where these two artists come together in art: the connection of the music Rodrigo creates and the signs from Čiurlionis that Teresė has been collecting. TAKAS is the place where all comes together.

But the road extends further and they invite more people to join in this gathering of cultures, images, sounds, mediums through community workshops in different countries. The community work around this concept integrates the individualities of the participants and also their surroundings. Čiurlionis is the maestro of the group creation in these workshops.

Rodrigo Viterbo – musical direction and performance, scenography crafting

Teresė Dedūraitė – costumes, light and scenography performance and direction

Creators of Academia Walkabout