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Lessons from the Didgeridoo

A Hands-On workshop for all audiences!

Soft Skills

The Soft Skills have undoubtedly entered nowaday’s international work agenda. Everyone will certainly attest their relevance in the work place, from employers to employees and also among entrepreneurs, startuppers and coworkers. But they are also very important for anybody’s day to day life as tool for personal development.

Experiencing Art is a way of getting in touch with our inner self.
The didgeridoo, beeing so simple in construction and execution but at the same time so special in sound and biological feedback, is a very interesting tool in approaching art.

In this workshop the participants will use the didgeridoo as a mediator to tackle these skills. With the objective of creating a minimum viable cultural product (a short performance to be captured in video) the students will be grouped in teams and test themselves through a series of small challenges followed up by a practical demonstration for the rest of the group.

In the end we will put together all these micro performances to create a final product.

The so spoken soft skills will be put to the test and made visible and perceivable so the participants can get in close contact to their own ways and better understand how to improve them in the future.

around the didgeridoo
around the didgeridoo

Target Audience: people in general, school and university students, entrepreneurs, employers and employees, coworkers and “startuppers”, teams and groups.

Ages: 13 to 99.

Capacity: 3 to 15 participants.

Duration: we can deliver the workshop in three ways – 4 hours (one morning or one afternoon); full day (morning, lunch all together and afternoon); one full weekend

Working Conditions: wide indoor or outdoor space big enough to accommodate the group and with alternative rooms os spaces for the groups to work separately. The space must have chairs and tables, good light, access to WC and be clean for some floor exercises.

Languages used: portuguese, english, french or lithuanian

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