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Yirrkala 14 did not happen because the project was finished too close to the date of the travel. But we don’t give up the dream and we are already preparing the project for 2015!


Australia… Home of the didgeridoo, the aboriginal wind instrument that changed Rodrigo’s life 12 years ago.
We will spend time in aboriginal community at Yirrkala, learn as much as possible about aboriginal art and try to understand better both sides of the didgeridoo, from the origins to the modern age. We want to share some portuguese and lithuanian culture in return.


Studying the origins
We will drink directly from the source and stay with aboriginal people in Yirrkala, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

Terese will try to share her time taking care of M while the father works on a 12 year old dream and also learn more about aboriginal painting techniques and the traditional use of natural pigments for paintings.

Rodrigo will work as a volunteer at the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre, spend time with the people that make and play this instrument and learn as much as possible with them. He’ll also want to learn and experience The Mulka Project for their great approach on rescuing traditional culture through multimedia. This is the center and main drive of our Arnhem Land visit. Without more expectations, without more plans, just be there for two weeks absorbing as much as possible.

M will have the opportunity to meet other aboriginal children and babies and have their talks about life.

Exploring the contemporary scene

After Arnhem Land we’ll visit Melbourne and Perth.

Terese will explore the aboriginal art from the south and the west regions.

Rodrigo will be learning more about contemporary didgeridoo making with the didgeridoo crafter Bruce Rogers, in Melbourne.
Then we will be heading to Perth, where we’ll have a Making Paper Didgeridoos workshop and our concert Takas at The Didgeridoo Breath shop.

Markus will be visiting some mates from lithuanian and portuguese people living in Australia.

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